Western Economy in the Islamic World

The Islamic world has mostly used the following two forms of the modern Western economic system: First, the Free Business System based on capitalism. Second, Guided Economy based on socialism. These are the two basic forms of the modern Western economic system. The important question that is being discussed in the Islamic world is which of these two forms is more suitable and more beneficial for the Muslims as a whole in overcoming their backwardness.

Western Economy in the Islamic World   At first, for domestic economic development, the Islamic world was more inclined towards the first form, namely the Free Business System based on capitalism. The reason is clear, capitalist countries are the first to infiltrate the Islamic world and build their bases there. But, in the context of the struggle for independence against colonialism, the Islamic world learns that the only system that can fight the economy of capitalism is the socialist system. From there a new tendency developed among …

The Formula For Successful Running Of Chicken Farming For Beginners

Starting a business is indeed easy. There are many things that must be considered when you are interested in starting a business. Because starting a business or doing business will take a lot of time, energy and even capital that you have. For that choosing the right business will make it easier for you to achieve success with the business that you live. 

 The formula for successful running of chicken farming for beginners   Two things that are important in doing business, namely interest and market opportunities. If you want to start a business, then determine your interest in a particular field, because a business that is pioneered in accordance with interests will certainly make you do it with pleasure. Next, is a market opportunity. Business is indeed profitable to bring profit, so you need to pay attention to the current market opportunities. There is no business with real coins, because from the smallest business you run, that's where you collect the coffers of rupiah that c…

Develop Strategies to Overcome Disruption

The digitalization trend in the future is increasingly unstoppable until it makes a number of companies provide more investment for technological developments, one of which is by increasing the company's digital infrastructure. Some of the most important supporting steps in dealing with a disruption or disruption are to accept it.

Develop Strategies to Overcome Disruption   The world has entered a new era, namely disruption caused by a major influence of technology. Because of that, the innovations needed not only change the shape, size, or design, but overall, both methods, methods of work, and products that are no longer relevant in millennial times.
Entrepreneurs understand that disruption or what is often called disruption is not an exception, but a global regulation at this time. So, how can companies plan their future? Especially, how do companies design a digital strategy that is dynamic enough to overcome this disorder in the future to ensure sustainable growth?


Inspirational Story of Max Gunawan, a Successful Jakarta Businessman in America

Jakarta His face is handsome and clean. His name is Max Gunawan, an Indonesian resident from Jakarta who has long lived in the United States since 16 years ago. Small thinking that limits the mind to a career and success in the country people have been successfully broken Max. With Lumio, a reading lamp that can be carried everywhere, Max's big name in the international world.

inspirational story of Max Gunawan, a Successful Jakarta Businessman in America Lumio's creation is unique. Not only the design is simple but very useful for the community, but also very interesting shape. Lumio at a glance just a square-shaped item. But once you open it, it turns out the lamp shaped a bright book. Lumio managed to attract a lot of investor attention. Max first got his first capital from a capital search site, Kick Starter.

The idea that successfully answered the needs of many people was also attracted five investors in the reality show Shark Tank on ABC TV. At this event, Max offers Lum…

Pareto Principle: The Insight of Ramadan 2018 that We Need to Know

It all started with peas.
Back in over a century ago, precisely in 1906, an Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto discovered that 20% of the pea plants in his garden produce about 80% of the crops each year.

As an economist, the invention then attempted to apply to a larger scale with a surprising calculation: 80% of Italy's land is owned by 20% of the population and about 80% of total revenue in Italy is received by 20% of population.
In the end, Pareto also makes a prediction: that for every event, approximately 80% of the results come from 20% cause.
It became very popular when it proved to be quite accurate when implemented on various occasions, including:

80% of the company's profits are generated from 20% of consumers.
80% of road accidents are caused by 20% of motorists.
80% of product warranty claims filed by 20% of customers.
80% of tax revenues come from 20% of the population.
80% of schedule delays arise from the 20% chance of delays.
80% of diseases are caused by…

4 Advantages of Working in Coworking Space for Startup Activists

Advantages of Working in Coworking Space
What are the benefits of working in coworking space?

4 Advantages of Working in Coworking Space for Startup Activists Along with the development of startup industry, virtual office services and coworking space are also becoming a trend among entrepreneurs and startup activists in the country. In fact, in the capital, there are dozens or even hundreds of working space in Jakarta which became a shelter for solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, to startup-startup is just beginning to develop.
Then, what exactly makes startup enthusiasts prefer to work in coworking space? The reason, of course because coworking space offers many benefits that will not be obtained by working in a conventional office.
Well, what are the benefits of working in coworking space? Here are among them.
1. More Affordable Rental Rates More affordable rental rates represent the main benefits and benefits that you will get by working in coworking space. The concept of common work …

Here's 5 Great Ways to Start an Online Business for Beginners

From year to year, online sales continue to increase and grow rapidly. Anything can now be marketed online, either through marketplace platforms or offered through privately owned social media.
Goods or services offered were very diverse with price competition that is quite strict. No wonder many UMKM actors prefer to introduce their products through social media because the costs incurred tend to be more tilted with a wider reach.

Here's 5 Great Ways to Start an Online Business for Beginners Anyone can do and grow their business through online business. In addition to more practical, can also be done from anywhere and anytime without time and place limits.
Online business is also very profitable, good for just a side business and indeed ditekuni seriously. Provided that well managed and focused on the goal, not difficult to reap the benefits.
Still confused how to start an online business that can bring profit? Follow the following tips as quoted from
1. Focus on One …