Inspirational Story of Max Gunawan, a Successful Jakarta Businessman in America

Jakarta His face is handsome and clean. His name is Max Gunawan, an Indonesian resident from Jakarta who has long lived in the United States since 16 years ago. Small thinking that limits the mind to a career and success in the country people have been successfully broken Max. With Lumio, a reading lamp that can be carried everywhere, Max's big name in the international world.

inspirational story of Max Gunawan, a Successful Jakarta Businessman in America

Lumio's creation is unique. Not only the design is simple but very useful for the community, but also very interesting shape. Lumio at a glance just a square-shaped item. But once you open it, it turns out the lamp shaped a bright book. Lumio managed to attract a lot of investor attention. Max first got his first capital from a capital search site, Kick Starter.

The idea that successfully answered the needs of many people was also attracted five investors in the reality show Shark Tank on ABC TV. At this event, Max offers Lumio to the five investors to get more capital injection.

Although Max and Lumio now have been successful and almost all over the world, the man who was an architect in San Francisco, United States, has had a difficult journey before. She was raised by parents and educated to be an office worker. But, he was unhappy and finally decided to become a businessman.

This big decision he did not waste. Often he thinks, "What if I fail?" But he at that time had no other choice. Max is unhappy with his work. He must create something useful. Max kept thinking, what he could create. Something simple, but useful. Then Lumio was born.

This success did not satisfy him and stopped here. Max then launched a mini version of Lumio which can be a mobile phone charger. Not only that, Max is now developing a multifunctional furniture design suitable for use in a narrow room.

Max is not the only successful Indonesian in the country. But passion and hard work and persistence have brought this young Indonesian man to scent the country. Max told a local online media outlet: "Success is not a static concept, success is temporary, just because you are successful, you can not miss a mission for the future."

Pareto Principle: The Insight of Ramadan 2018 that We Need to Know

It all started with peas.
Back in over a century ago, precisely in 1906, an Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto discovered that 20% of the pea plants in his garden produce about 80% of the crops each year.

As an economist, the invention then attempted to apply to a larger scale with a surprising calculation: 80% of Italy's land is owned by 20% of the population and about 80% of total revenue in Italy is received by 20% of population.
In the end, Pareto also makes a prediction: that for every event, approximately 80% of the results come from 20% cause.
It became very popular when it proved to be quite accurate when implemented on various occasions, including:

80% of the company's profits are generated from 20% of consumers.
80% of road accidents are caused by 20% of motorists.
80% of product warranty claims filed by 20% of customers.
80% of tax revenues come from 20% of the population.
80% of schedule delays arise from the 20% chance of delays.
80% of diseases are caused by 20% trigger factors.
80% of applications or software installed only 20% are used.
20% of employees contribute 80% of their performance
20% of system failures cause 80% problems.
and so on and so on.

This is what we then know as the Pareto Principle or the 80/20 Rule.
However, please note that the Pareto principle is not a definite natural law whose value is always like that and can not be changed at all. This principle is just an observation that can explain well about how every thing in the world is not evenly distributed. Knowing it, we can see things brighter, change strategy and work out to maximize the output of almost every thing.
And of course, there are a variety of ideas and applications developed from the Pareto Principles that we can find in business books or more generic articles on life or self-development, particularly in matters related to productivity.

But before you poke around to find out more, let me take you to something closer, something that can be linked with this principle and the title of our article: Insight Ramadan 2018.
You and I, we all know if Ramadan is a harvest momentum for almost all areas of business and retail in Indonesia in general. Especially in the realm of online, quoted from news site Detik, Shopee released data mentioning there is a 40% transaction surge in Ramadan year 2017 ago when compared with the period January-April in the same year. Recorded no less than 300,000 transactions are recorded every day and predicted to increase in 2018.
There are at least 3 reasons that can explain this phenomenon:

There is an additional time after the meal, while ngabuburit and wait time tarawih
Purchasing power increased due to THR
Culture is all new when Lebaran arrives that is in our society
So as a businessman, seller and entrepreneur online, you also have to prepare from now to face Ramadan who will soon visit. It is suspected that this is the greatest chance you have in this year to boost sales.
Based on the Pareto principle, Ramadan, coupled with the year-end and harbolnas period (all three of us assuming a share of about 20% of the time a year) could have an 80% impact on all your achievements during 2018.
Furthermore, by using the same principle, you can also apply it to other important factors in order to welcome Ramadan this year.

1. Maximize Products / Services

First, maximize your product or service. The trick is to make a list of all of them and take approximately 20% of the top salaries, for example there are 10 then select 2 the best. Most likely it has 80% contribution to your turnover. By paying more attention to the 20%, you can increase your 80% overall results.

2. Maximize Resources

Second, maximize your resources. If you have a marketing team, admin, cs or whatever the name is, look at the 20% of the most productive because it could be they who have 80% of the job contribution or closing order. Give rewards to these people to trigger to be more productive again and make it a role model for others.

3. Maximize Time

Third, maximize your time. For a businessman, marketing plan is the most important thing than any other. Porsinya approximately 20% of the entire process that occurs from a sale. Of course you can save a lot of time by just paying attention to that 20%. And if you give more tempo there, then the resulting 80% impact will also be greater.

The point is if you want to maximize what can be achieved in the upcoming Ramadan, you should make the best possible preparation and as possible as of now. Remember the word Winston Churcill, failed to plan is to plan failure.

Lastly, in closing let me end this insight using the Pareto principle once more. My prediction, from 80% of readers of this article there will be only 20% who follow it up in real way.

The rest may not believe it, confused or wondered: since when peas can waste time so uselessly?

Welcome to the month of Ramadan!

4 Advantages of Working in Coworking Space for Startup Activists

Advantages of Working in Coworking Space
What are the benefits of working in coworking space?

4 Advantages of Working in Coworking Space for Startup Activists

Along with the development of startup industry, virtual office services and coworking space are also becoming a trend among entrepreneurs and startup activists in the country. In fact, in the capital, there are dozens or even hundreds of working space in Jakarta which became a shelter for solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, to startup-startup is just beginning to develop.
Then, what exactly makes startup enthusiasts prefer to work in coworking space? The reason, of course because coworking space offers many benefits that will not be obtained by working in a conventional office.
Well, what are the benefits of working in coworking space? Here are among them.

1. More Affordable Rental Rates

More affordable rental rates represent the main benefits and benefits that you will get by working in coworking space. The concept of common work space is generally using the principle of economy sharing. That way, the pegged price of course will also be much cheaper than conventional office rental rates.
One Coworking space in Jakarta even has a package worth Rp50.000 per day. In addition, coworking space also provides services where the tenant can use a comfortable work space. With various facilities provided in it with a cost ranging from Rp1 million to Rp1.2 million per month.
Choosing coworking space as a place of work is very appropriate for the startup activists. With the low cost of office rent, you can certainly save more expenses and allocate funds for other more important purposes.

2.Menambah New Relation

The next advantage of working in coworking space is that it can add new relationships. Because this workplace brings the concept of work space that can be used together, you can more easily interact, collaborate, build relationships, and even exchange ideas with other startup activists.
Not only that, sharing shows are generally held coworking space every few months will certainly also allow you to meet with business experts, people who have suskes in the world startup, to the investors.

3.Feasible Working Delivery

Unlike conventional offices are generally synonymous with formal and rigid atmosphere, coworking space instead offers a comfortable working atmosphere, cozy, and have a homey impression.
In fact, in some Jakarta working space such as Comma (Collaboration Matters) and EV Hive, you can also spend time by playing play station, ping pong, or billiards when all over with work. With such a pleasant working atmosphere, you can definitely work with a quieter, more relaxed mind.

4. More Productive

In ordinary offices, everyone will focus on working in their own cubicle without interruption from other colleagues. This seems to be very productive. However, is that right?
In fact, the arrangement of work spaces that are made like this often makes the workers bored more quickly and stressed out. In contrast to this, coworking space will make everyone work more productively because each other can help each other without any limitations.
If you need help or are not familiar with an affair, you can immediately ask your colleagues in a more understanding room. Discussion, advice, or learning together is also an activity that is very easy to do and almost every day occurs in coworking space.
Well, that's some of the advantages of working in coworking space for startup activists. How? Still thinking that coworking space is no more profitable than the workplace in general?

Here's 5 Great Ways to Start an Online Business for Beginners

From year to year, online sales continue to increase and grow rapidly. Anything can now be marketed online, either through marketplace platforms or offered through privately owned social media.
Goods or services offered were very diverse with price competition that is quite strict. No wonder many UMKM actors prefer to introduce their products through social media because the costs incurred tend to be more tilted with a wider reach.

Here's 5 Great Ways to Start an Online Business for Beginners

Anyone can do and grow their business through online business. In addition to more practical, can also be done from anywhere and anytime without time and place limits.
Online business is also very profitable, good for just a side business and indeed ditekuni seriously. Provided that well managed and focused on the goal, not difficult to reap the benefits.
Still confused how to start an online business that can bring profit? Follow the following tips as quoted from

1. Focus on One Category

Before starting to do business online shopping, the first thing you have to do is determine what products are suitable for sale. To determine it, do a little research about what products are popular and liked by many people.
Then, choose one type of product you want to develop, for example a women's clothing product with potential buyers between the ages of 17-35 years.
Dig the potential of the target market to its full potential. What are the needs of those who are still related to fashion. Then, enter all the products into your online store catalog.
Try to focus with one category for maximum sales and no confusion, so buyers can easily find what they are looking for and need.

2. Choose Supplier with Careful

When you have got the right product to be developed as merchandise, it's time you start choosing and looking for supplier. There are two choices in online shopping business to get supplier, that is by system reseller or dropshipper.
If you choose a reseller system, you usually have to prepare capital first to provide merchandise. The bigger your online store with the many product items, the more capital will be needed. However, you can sell directly to customers at prices that can be tinkered themselves.
Unlike resellers, this dropshipping system almost does not require capital, but only need internet data packets that are always online. Why? Because all the products you display will be prepared and supported by the supplier to the hands of consumers.
So you only act as a salesperson and when there are interested customers, the supplier will send the product to the customer on your behalf. Of course with the terms previously agreed upon.

3. Provide Clear Contact Information

The next tips that are also not less important when you want to do business online is to provide a clear contact number. Why is it important? This is the way to connect customers with you when they are interested in what you offer.
For that, set a clear contact number and the customer can connect directly with you. Whether with online chat, instant messenger, social media, or other special applications.
When the contact number is listed, give the maximal response to the prospect. Do not let them escape just because you are late to respond. Of course this can harm the business you are building.
Do not forget also to insert how the delivery and payment so that prospective customers more trust and facilitate in poses transaction.

4. Start Promotion

There are many ways to introduce your online store, from social media to online shopping special platform. For example, Facebook, Instagram, or other marketplace.
Branding your online store with the maximum to create trust from potential customers. Good product / service brand recognition with targeted promotions will make potential customers curious, and finally start finding out, then interested in buying what you offer. (Read Also: Mau Nabung in Bank Syariah? Understand Mudharabah Agreement and Wadiah Agreement)

5. Innovate

   As your online business starts to grow as more orders from customers, consider starting innovating and doing more innovative development. Try building a website using official domains and a professional look to build prospect trust. Do not forget also to instill important features to more easily diakes anyone. Example is to provide online payment facilities with a variety of debit or credit card. Because everyone who dropped by has potential as a prospective customer who will bring benefits and has a tendency to pay for different transactions.

5 Most Profitable Livestock Business is Almost No Loss

  The Most Profitable Livestock Business is Almost Unpredictable - livestock business does have a big profit. Starting from monthly, seasonal and even daily. Many entrepreneurs choose livestock business because it is more profitable and less risky.

5 Most Profitable Livestock Business is Almost No Loss

Here are the Five Most Profitable Livestock Businesses Almost No Loss:

1) Goat Cattle

  Goat cattle business can be said without loss. Because the risk of causing losses is almost nonexistent. Goat cattle business is very promising. With ever increasing demand for goat meat. Good for sacrificial animals and for meat satay. Make this business more glimpsed. Tips to choose a goat is trying to choose the type of goat seed and male sex. Because it will be faster in growth so it is suitable for business scale.

2) Duck Cattle

  Many advantages of this poultry. In addition can be taken meat and eggs. These poultry are also more resistant to stress than other birds such as chickens and quail. This business is also almost loss of origin in the feeding is done good management. This duck can be used as a duck laying as well as duck broiler. So it has 2 advantages.

3) Livestock Rabbit

  Cattle rabbits also have a pretty good prospect. In addition to being able to sideline, this business also has a promising prospect. These cattle are also minimal risk of death. In addition, rabbit feed is very easy to obtain. Ranging from wild grasses to vegetable waste in the markets.

4) Ornamental Fish Animals

   Livestock ornamental fish also has a promising prospect. In addition to minimal risk of capital is also relatively small.
  Its market share is also quite extensive. Can be among children sd or marketed on the sidewalks. Can also be

5) Livestock Kroto

 supplied to an ornamental fish shop. In addition, the price of ornamental fish is also tolerable. For example ornamental fish hickey can be up to Rp 5,000, - per head. Depending on the type of hickey itself.
Kroto cattle also has a promising prospect. And also almost without loss.
  With a little capital this effort could potentially make big profits. In addition, kroto is very difficult to obtain. Due to overfishing so that the amount available in the wild is reduced. Of course this can be utilized into business opportunities. With a fairly fantastic price. Reaching Rp 200,000 - Rp 250,000 per kilo makes this effort worthy to be occupied. That's some kind of livestock business that has good prospects and potentially a relatively high profit.
Good luck. May be useful.

Creative Livestock Business Opportunity and Marketing

  Currently, livestock business opportunities have mushroomed and done by many people, especially in rural areas with larger land. If you are interested to try it, you can try it. This opportunity is considered quite profitable because of the high demand from livestock products such as meat, milk, and eggs. People search for food for restaurants, cafes, and restaurants.

Creative Livestock Business Opportunity and Marketing

Creative Livestock Business Opportunities

  If you want to jump in trying this business opportunity, you can try to raise animals that are rarely farmed by others. If in your environment there are already breeding poultry and cattle or goats, you should raise fish. With breeding different from those in your neighborhood, you will get a higher percentage of success because people who need fish will visit you directly because there is no other fish farm place in your neighborhood. Being the only destination for fish purchases will be very profitable because you do not have to compete with other breeders.

  If you have determined a creative livestock business opportunity, you must take good care of the livestock. Before making a livestock purchase, be sure to note the standard of the cage or pond is good. Prepare all feed and vaccine, if necessary, to maintain the health of your livestock. After you enter the cattle into the cage or pond, always make sure the food and cleanliness. A dirty enclosure or pond will make your cattle vulnerable to disease. And if the plague, this disease can cause a lot of livestock death so you will experience a big loss.

Creative Livestock Business Opportunity and Marketing

  In running a livestock business opportunity, you should have a fixed feed purchase subscription so that you do not have to move shop just to buy the feed. Find a store near your cage and offer competitive prices for the best quality. That way you can get the feed easily and can focus to take care of your livestock needs.

Livestock Business Opportunities: Marketing

  For livestock business opportunities, the best marketing is to channel them to markets or other modern shopping venues. This is because you can sell livestock products in large quantities. Selling retail can indeed increase the price, but the time spent doing it will be very much. If you have a special employee to market your livestock products, you will get more profit, but if you do not have enough you can order a large number of buyers to come directly.

  Livestock products are the most sought-after material on the market to meet the consumption of people so that the very important role will be picked up by prospective buyers. Usually for prospective buyers in large quantities, they already have a special car to transport livestock so you do not have to worry about it. Simply by giving a small rebate for the purchase of large quantities and you will get a regular customer.

  The benefits that can be gained from this business opportunity is actually quite a lot if you pursue it. In the first few months you may not get a significant result because you are still thinking about a capital reversal. But a few months later you can earn multiple benefits with high sales and the success rate of livestock breeding. This can be a gold field for you lover of mansiri business. Instead, you will be able to create new jobs from this success. Make your yard area useful with livestock business and earn multiple benefits.

What Qualifications Does an Employer Have to Have?

Today many entrepreneurs who pursue the business world. But being a businessman is not an easy thing. An entrepreneur must have sufficient capital.
Capital to become an entrepreneur is not just material but strong skill and mental. At least you need to have these seven qualities, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur and independent in the future.

What Qualifications Does an Employer Have to Have?

1. Have a High Spirit and Enthusiasm

  When going to start a business, you must have a passion in the field of business. It is important to have a high level of enthusiasm and enthusiasm in order to focus on running your business. And successful people are basically people who have great passion and enthusiasm in their lives.

2. Have a Clear Target and Objectives

  One of the things that often hinder a person to become entrepreneurs is confused where to start. Well, here the importance of having clear targets and goals. When you've set the goals and goals of the business you want to run, then you know your business wants a way in which direction.

3. Have High Persistence

   Those who are close to success are those who do not give up and have high perseverance. Perseverance is very necessary to undergo a step-by-step process that does not always run smoothly. If you already have mental perseverance, you will have a strong mentality in running the business.

4. Can Always Overcome Sense of Saturation

 In pioneering and running a business definitely at some point there is a feeling of saturation. It is important to have the ability to control and overcome the saturation so that your business is not slow.

5. Not Prestige to Learn from Zero

  People who succeed in achieving success are people who want to learn both from experience and from others. Because there is never a definite guide that really makes us successful. It is important to always hear suggestions and criticism from others. Always have the passion to learn new things are also important to have. Many things to do and you can not help but always try to adapt to everything. It would be better if you have a mentor who can guide you in doing business.