4 Business Income Above Average Civil Servant Salary, Anything?

  Thinking about a career at the age of 20 is an important thing for you to know how to meet financial conditions. The more mature, surely you do not want if constantly troublesome parents to meet all your desires? Many eventually have the initiative to work part time until full time work.

4 Hobby That Can Make Money Pundi

  The government's CPNS test is one of the most anticipated jobs. Tens of thousands of fresh graduates to private employees who have actually worked to join tempted to put the name on the burden of this prestigious public employment test
How not seductive? A great salary and a definite career, plus the old age is guaranteed who does not want to?

 However, the millennial generation that worships freedom begins to look for alternatives to a fun and equally promising new job. What do you think about anything? Here's the description, like

4 Business Income Above Average Civil Servant Salary, Anything?

1. Event Organizer (EO)

Organizing and meeting a lot of people can be something tedious. However, for kids today, precisely this is a challenge in itself.
Dedicating yourself to being the organizer of an event, eg weddings, concerts, to exhibitions and celebrations does require extraordinary perseverance.
Although the project does not come every day, but once there is a project the result is not bad, lo! In addition, so EO also make a broader friendship channel, more and more experience, and the obvious remains really present, nih.

2. Freelancer

Many people out there who prefer to be freelancers. Generally the work involved in freelancers is around the content and projects are not fixed. For example, online magazine contributors in each city, freelance writers, to photographers. They are also paid for their contributions without being tied to corporate rules for every day. How? Nice, right?

3. YouTube

Undoubtedly being a YouTuber will definitely get a tantalizing result, lo. Just need a little skill to create interesting and creative content, then boom.In addition to getting a lot of money, you can also be known to many people. Kan, there are many examples of successful YouTuber Indonesia. Want to try?

4. Endorsement

If you have a high aesthetic value, maybe you can try your luck to be a talented programmer. Who does not want to just upload content, then you pay? Once paid is also not cheap, lo.Sekilas this indeed seems to be an easy job, but it turns out many challenges, lo. There should always upload interesting things, both visually and content.From the four ideas above, about which nih interesting ideas for you to try? It does not mean to incite you to not be a civil servant ya.Namun, if for example you can make money by doing something you like, why not try to do? May be useful.


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