6 Investments That Can Make You Rich Before Age 3

Currently not only established people in financial terms who can invest, young people can also invest for future needs. The good investment is done when we are in productive age and still have income. Do not even incline to the things that later lead to extravagant life.
Investment is also an enlightenment for our future, because in the future there will be many things we need, namely education, marriage and other important things.
Reliable investment, will bring benefits to us. however, there are currently many types of illegal investments that should be avoided. Safe and easy investment should you choose to smooth the investment process itself.

6 Investments That Can Make You Rich Before Age 35

Here are 6 investment options that you can make reference:

1. Gold Bars Investment

The first investment is gold bullion investment. This type of investment is quite profitable, because to start it does not need too much capital to buy pieces of gold bars. Gold prices are fluctuating, but from the first until now this type of investment is considered the most secure and profitable. The gold can you tabungkan in the gold bank, take advantage.

2. Save Money with Deposits

In addition to gold, deposits are also one of the most easily considered, most common, and most profitable investments. The time deposit can be determined by us, the time specified usually ranges from 6 months to one tahun.Deposito also has the risk of deviating money lower, while the interest rate is quite high compared to ordinary savings. If you want to start deposits, you can make it a medium-term savings.

3. Savings Investments in Banks

This is the type of investment that most people do. Combining money in the bank is quite easy and quite profitable. Savings investment interest is also low, and savings can be taken at any time when it is needed. Savings can be an investment for all circles.4. Investment Mutual funds
Mutual funds are investments managed by one person or group of people. Mutual funds are made by collecting funds collectively before being channeled to several investment options such as stock investments. In this case, there is an investment manager figure who will arrange it. As for the matter of profit, you do not need to fear losses, mutual funds suitable for beginners who just want to invest.invest.

4. Planting Stocks in Open Companies

The next investment is to plant shares in an open company or public company. Do not hesitate to find out about planting shares in the company. The characteristics of these open companies usually have a last name Tbk. The company has an average of 300 shareholders, you can be one of them.

5. Business Property

Property business is a pretty lucrative investment. The sale of property assets has a high value, such as having an apartment or house in a residential location, then we try to sell or rent it. The advantage is certainly big enough.

6. Investment Education No Death

One type of investment that never dies is educational investment. Education is an important investment for the majority of people, for the long term. Education requires special funds with different types of levels that the higher the greater the cost. However, after finishing the education, then working according to the desired profession, our education money will come back, even bigger.


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