Beware, Deceptive Investment Business Is Everywhere! Here's 5 Examples.

With the development of the times, people are getting literate with new things. One of them is investment. There are many investment options in Indonesia. But watch out, we must be careful before jumping into the investment business.Soalnya, not all parties who offer investment that can be trusted. Rather than negative thinking. But if it's a matter of money, we must be vigilant not to regret later.
   There is a new investment business that is deceptive. But there are also people who use existing investment products to fool their investors. To increase awareness, it's worth reading the following 5 cases of deceptive investment business to make a lesson:

 Beware, Deceptive Investment Business Is Everywhere! Here's 5 Examples

1. MMM

The title is human help humans, but the facts? Zonkkk ...
MMM or Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox which is Indonesianized to Humans Help Humans ngehit in 2013-2014. This investment business is so lucrative because it promises a 30% return on capital in just a month without having to do anything!
But precisely therein lies the awkwardness of this investment business. The promise of reciprocity is absurd because it is so big. If the investment product is true to keep his promise, investment products from the bank will not be sold because it must be lost by MMM. The Financial Services Authority (OJK) has also stated MMM is not a type of investment and does not have an operating license from OJK.
As a result, this investment business sinks inaudible. Meanwhile, some blogs that promote MMM and open registration members are flooded with protests from the public who feel cheated because never get reciprocity, even unknown capital fate.

2. MLM

  Multi-Level Marketing is not actually created to deceive, but there are people who use it to take personal advantage. MLM is a legal undertaking, as long as there are trusted products traded by the participants.
MLM that leads to fraud usually does not involve product sales. There is only a reciprocal promise to be given if the member / downline deposited money to the upline and look for new downlines that also deposit money to him and so on. This concept is called Ponzi scheme.
The original MLM uses a pyramid scheme. With this scheme, the downline must sell the product and look for other downlines to get the bonus. If MLM trades a product but the product is ugly or expensive quality is not playing, be careful. It could be a fraud too

.3. Cooperatives

Cooperatives are a very populist investment business because it is easy to understand and practice. But there are bad people who use cooperatives to cheat. The case of Blue Sky Cooperative is excited in 2012, for example.
The managers share the investment brochures with the big bonuses in the cooperative, while assisting the eradication of poor Muslims. At the end, hundreds of billions of money paid by hundreds of thousands of cooperative customers disappeared. His own boss could be caught by the police but killed in custody before being tried.


If the investment business is deceptive with stock products usually affects the general public who are the layman of this business. For stock investment does require a sufficient knowledge in the field of business and banking.
The practice of stock investment fraud often involves a fake document creation mode, such as a company's establishment deed. People who intend to cheat will raise the funds of investors as shares to finance the company bodongnya.
There are also those who have real companies, but the bookkeeping is manipulated so that it seems big and promising profit for investors. This was done by the famous American company, HealthSouth, in the late 1990s to 2003. His boss was finally arrested and his stock immediately plunged from US $ 20 to just 20 cents a share.

5. Gold

Compared to other investment products, gold investment is relatively more secure. [Read: Buy Cash or Credit Gold Lets See The Profits] But this investment business is also prone to fraud. The mode is usually the manager sells gold to the customer to be entrusted to him, then promised to give monthly returns to the customer.
In 2013 there is a case of GTIS which invests in sharia gold business with the blessing of Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI). The GTIS case exploded as it involved big names, such as the then House Speaker, Marzuki Alie, and MUI officials. Although it seemed promising, the GTIS boss finally escaped trillions of rupiah and his customers had to accept the fate of losing money. Meanwhile, the current Chairman of MUI who owns shares in GTIS admitted to not knowing about GTIS operations.
 That's a number of investment businesses that cheat and stalk us every time so we have to watch out for. Usually the deceiver just keep the promise in the first months. After that, they will run away after earning a lot of money. To be more secure, look for the types of investments and providers that have been registered in the OJK and the relevant authorities. For example an investment manager company that already exists in the data of the Capital Market Supervisory Agency and Financial Institution. OJK also already have a social media account Facebook and Twitter are routinely preach the latest information about finance and investment worth following
We should look for information first about a relatively new investment services before investing money in it. Mending can be a normal reciprocal of investments that have been assured of its legality, rather than investing in lucrative results that are large but apparently bulging.


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