5 Most Profitable Livestock Business is Almost No Loss

  The Most Profitable Livestock Business is Almost Unpredictable - livestock business does have a big profit. Starting from monthly, seasonal and even daily. Many entrepreneurs choose livestock business because it is more profitable and less risky.

5 Most Profitable Livestock Business is Almost No Loss

Here are the Five Most Profitable Livestock Businesses Almost No Loss:

1) Goat Cattle

  Goat cattle business can be said without loss. Because the risk of causing losses is almost nonexistent. Goat cattle business is very promising. With ever increasing demand for goat meat. Good for sacrificial animals and for meat satay. Make this business more glimpsed. Tips to choose a goat is trying to choose the type of goat seed and male sex. Because it will be faster in growth so it is suitable for business scale.

2) Duck Cattle

  Many advantages of this poultry. In addition can be taken meat and eggs. These poultry are also more resistant to stress than other birds such as chickens and quail. This business is also almost loss of origin in the feeding is done good management. This duck can be used as a duck laying as well as duck broiler. So it has 2 advantages.

3) Livestock Rabbit

  Cattle rabbits also have a pretty good prospect. In addition to being able to sideline, this business also has a promising prospect. These cattle are also minimal risk of death. In addition, rabbit feed is very easy to obtain. Ranging from wild grasses to vegetable waste in the markets.

4) Ornamental Fish Animals

   Livestock ornamental fish also has a promising prospect. In addition to minimal risk of capital is also relatively small.
  Its market share is also quite extensive. Can be among children sd or marketed on the sidewalks. Can also be

5) Livestock Kroto

 supplied to an ornamental fish shop. In addition, the price of ornamental fish is also tolerable. For example ornamental fish hickey can be up to Rp 5,000, - per head. Depending on the type of hickey itself.
Kroto cattle also has a promising prospect. And also almost without loss.
  With a little capital this effort could potentially make big profits. In addition, kroto is very difficult to obtain. Due to overfishing so that the amount available in the wild is reduced. Of course this can be utilized into business opportunities. With a fairly fantastic price. Reaching Rp 200,000 - Rp 250,000 per kilo makes this effort worthy to be occupied. That's some kind of livestock business that has good prospects and potentially a relatively high profit.
Good luck. May be useful.

Creative Livestock Business Opportunity and Marketing

  Currently, livestock business opportunities have mushroomed and done by many people, especially in rural areas with larger land. If you are interested to try it, you can try it. This opportunity is considered quite profitable because of the high demand from livestock products such as meat, milk, and eggs. People search for food for restaurants, cafes, and restaurants.

Creative Livestock Business Opportunity and Marketing

Creative Livestock Business Opportunities

  If you want to jump in trying this business opportunity, you can try to raise animals that are rarely farmed by others. If in your environment there are already breeding poultry and cattle or goats, you should raise fish. With breeding different from those in your neighborhood, you will get a higher percentage of success because people who need fish will visit you directly because there is no other fish farm place in your neighborhood. Being the only destination for fish purchases will be very profitable because you do not have to compete with other breeders.

  If you have determined a creative livestock business opportunity, you must take good care of the livestock. Before making a livestock purchase, be sure to note the standard of the cage or pond is good. Prepare all feed and vaccine, if necessary, to maintain the health of your livestock. After you enter the cattle into the cage or pond, always make sure the food and cleanliness. A dirty enclosure or pond will make your cattle vulnerable to disease. And if the plague, this disease can cause a lot of livestock death so you will experience a big loss.

Creative Livestock Business Opportunity and Marketing

  In running a livestock business opportunity, you should have a fixed feed purchase subscription so that you do not have to move shop just to buy the feed. Find a store near your cage and offer competitive prices for the best quality. That way you can get the feed easily and can focus to take care of your livestock needs.

Livestock Business Opportunities: Marketing

  For livestock business opportunities, the best marketing is to channel them to markets or other modern shopping venues. This is because you can sell livestock products in large quantities. Selling retail can indeed increase the price, but the time spent doing it will be very much. If you have a special employee to market your livestock products, you will get more profit, but if you do not have enough you can order a large number of buyers to come directly.

  Livestock products are the most sought-after material on the market to meet the consumption of people so that the very important role will be picked up by prospective buyers. Usually for prospective buyers in large quantities, they already have a special car to transport livestock so you do not have to worry about it. Simply by giving a small rebate for the purchase of large quantities and you will get a regular customer.

  The benefits that can be gained from this business opportunity is actually quite a lot if you pursue it. In the first few months you may not get a significant result because you are still thinking about a capital reversal. But a few months later you can earn multiple benefits with high sales and the success rate of livestock breeding. This can be a gold field for you lover of mansiri business. Instead, you will be able to create new jobs from this success. Make your yard area useful with livestock business and earn multiple benefits.

What Qualifications Does an Employer Have to Have?

Today many entrepreneurs who pursue the business world. But being a businessman is not an easy thing. An entrepreneur must have sufficient capital.
Capital to become an entrepreneur is not just material but strong skill and mental. At least you need to have these seven qualities, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur and independent in the future.

What Qualifications Does an Employer Have to Have?

1. Have a High Spirit and Enthusiasm

  When going to start a business, you must have a passion in the field of business. It is important to have a high level of enthusiasm and enthusiasm in order to focus on running your business. And successful people are basically people who have great passion and enthusiasm in their lives.

2. Have a Clear Target and Objectives

  One of the things that often hinder a person to become entrepreneurs is confused where to start. Well, here the importance of having clear targets and goals. When you've set the goals and goals of the business you want to run, then you know your business wants a way in which direction.

3. Have High Persistence

   Those who are close to success are those who do not give up and have high perseverance. Perseverance is very necessary to undergo a step-by-step process that does not always run smoothly. If you already have mental perseverance, you will have a strong mentality in running the business.

4. Can Always Overcome Sense of Saturation

 In pioneering and running a business definitely at some point there is a feeling of saturation. It is important to have the ability to control and overcome the saturation so that your business is not slow.

5. Not Prestige to Learn from Zero

  People who succeed in achieving success are people who want to learn both from experience and from others. Because there is never a definite guide that really makes us successful. It is important to always hear suggestions and criticism from others. Always have the passion to learn new things are also important to have. Many things to do and you can not help but always try to adapt to everything. It would be better if you have a mentor who can guide you in doing business.

Four Sources Of Capital Can Be Used To Start A Business

  The profession of becoming an entrepreneur or entrepreneur in the digital age is now increasingly becoming an option for young children.
The opening of wide internet access in Indonesia opens millions of opportunities for many to open their own businesses.

Four Sources Of Capital Can Be Used To Start A Business

  Instead of being an employee in an office, opening your own business feels more sexy and appropriate characters millenial generation.

However, opening a business is not as easy as turning a palm.

  In addition to having to prepare mentally to face various business challenges, the main thing to think about if you intend to open a business is the readiness of capital.
Capital business is the second PR after you decide the business concept you want to build, including the market segment that worked.

 Once the business concept is clear, you can begin to think about the needs of venture capital. You can start from what you have right now. Business capital is not always in the form of money or fresh funds.

  If you want to start a culinary business, for example, kitchen appliances in the kitchen now can be your main capital.
Cars or homes can also be a business capital that you can use in the early pioneering business.

  Here are some types of capital resources that you can weigh in order to pioneer your business success:

1. Own capital

  The advantage of using your own capital is that you are not tied to any party in developing the business. Business benefits can also be enjoyed alone without having to deposit to other parties.
With your own capital, you are free to develop the business as you wish without having to report progress to a particular party.
 The drawback, own capital is usually limited. In addition, the risks are also your own responsibility entirely. If your business turns out to be a failure, all your risks are liable and can impact on personal finances.

2. Capital of relatives

Having many friends can make it easy for you to get a soft capital loan alias without interest. Take advantage of your network of friends and family.
The advantage of borrowing from relatives is that you can get a capital loan without interest. In addition, loans from relatives also do not mean they are involved in the development of your business.
The drawback, the value of loans from relatives is usually also limited. Unless you have thick-money relatives, it's rare for people to lend money without collateral in large numbers. The trick, you can borrow to more than one friend or family.

3. Joint venture capital

When the capital itself is lacking and getting a soft loan from relatives is also difficult, you can hold a friend to enter into a business memodali.
This makes your relatives or friends shareholders. You should pay attention to the distribution of rights and obligations to avoid potential conflicts.

4. Bank capital

This way can be taken if your business has been in the development phase has been running for at least 1 year. Because the bank just want to finance the business that has been running.
If your business is new, you can consider using credit card or credit without collateral.
Make sure your calculations are detailed so using the business capital of the two bank products does not even bring you in a loss.

The Importance of Logic In Running A Business

In running a business of course a lot of challenges that must ditahlukan, because plunging into the business world was not an easy thing.

The Importance of Logic In Running A Business

  In doing business it does require a high level of process, struggle, and patience. But do not be denied that the name of business must also be logic. What kind of logic does that mean? Everything that makes money is called business. Well, when the business that was involved did not make money. It means there is something wrong with this business.

  Then where's the fault? There are two factors, the first product (goods or services) and the business itself. If related to the product, usually marked with the product can not generate profits. If it is familiar with the business would know, what products are sold in the market. And what products do not sell.

  But there are also entrepreneurs or businessmen who dare to make the latest breakthrough, namely creating a product that has never existed in the market. The possibility of such a product can be a huge success in time. There are many examples of pioneer products in this country dominate the market because he was the first pioneer. Initially many who judge the product impossible to sell, but the company proves it, that the product sells in the market.

  It's about the product, it's different with the culprit. A business that can not make money can be a mistake on the businessperson. Probably because of inadequate business or marketing sciences are minimal. Even worse, a super-selling product was if dimarketingkan with businessman this one is still not sold.

  Well, if the business is indeed proficient, marketing science is qualified, proven memarketingkan any item can be sold, but when holding the new product does not sell. Means that the guilty is the product, not the person. Business synonymous with selling for example, when it offers its products as many as 50 people (a competent prospective buyer), and no one product that sells, it means the product is not sold. Finish to conclude.

  If there are still many reasons for this, it is natural, let alone the company and the accomplices. Yes, where received the product is not sold. If you admit it, straight out of business. Who is also willing to cooperate to sell products that do not sell. Just spend time, energy, mind, and money. Business must also be logic, can not only have optical capital only. Optimism is not accompanied by intelligence also does not produce anything.

  Do you know why poor people stay poor, when they work sometimes up to 16 hours a day? And full of spirit and sincerely live it. But there was no change in his life. Examples like this are very much in our country, Indonesia Raya. What causes? For ignoring the logical way of thinking.
The function of the brain in humans to think, weigh, to take a decision. Among them is taking a decision to do business that will sell its products.

  Unfortunatelyambition too high from reason. As a result of missteps, choosing the wrong business can make us can not change the fate. I just continued.

  We agree that business also needs patience, perseverance, persistence, and other wise words that are often to motivate. But yes that was, the product sold can not sell? If not, what should the business continue like that? If you can advise, then leave a business like that! Right now.
In the business world, we also should not be too innocent, too naïve ketipu same rogue players.

  There is indeed a company that markets its products need partners. The products sold are usually hard to do, which is why recruiting as many people as possible with all the lure that eliminates the logic. If we are a little critical, why not marketed alone its products, why should wear a handker again to sell their products. This should be a big question for the critical of his business.
And usually also business like this do not use capital and requirement. Anyone who wants to join is welcome. But once there is a specific training on its members, the training is useful to mentally order its members to be strong in the field, as well as product marketing training and recruit other prospective members.

  Months followed, it turned out to produce nothing, instead of making a profit, even most of the capital out of income. How not to lose, if the products sold alone are not sold.

  Is this business maintained? Need more perseverance and patience? Immediately leave! Start looking for a logic business, and it's generating immediate profits, not taking long. Once offered a product on one, or two people wrapped directly. That's business. A healthy business is a product that sells well. Not vice versa, looking for all the reasons that the product was not sold.

5 Time Management Steps for Entrepreneurs

  For entrepreneurs, executives and managers at the top level of corporate management, time is precious. This type of super busy person thinks time is money. Save time-saver. Understandably, as an important person in the company, a lot of work to be taken care of and done. Thus, time management is very important for business smoothness.
  How to save time, schedule and spend time effectively and efficiently for big businessmen is not difficult. Simply pick up a secretary or special staff, they will arrange everything. Right!
But how about small entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, beginner businessmen who have not enough funds to hire a personal assistant? Of course must be smart in managing their own time management. Clever to apply self-study (self time study).
  Although today many advanced software applications to support the smooth operation, still need the ability to think to find the most appropriate method in optimizing the time. Because successful entrepreneurs are the ones who appreciate every second of seconds, minutes and ticking hours. With the proper implementation of time management, there is no reason to refuse orders on the grounds, "sorry, we have no time."

5 Time Management Steps for Entrepreneurs

  Here's a 5 step step saving step tips for entrepreneurs. Tips on compiling this time management we quote from executive guideline theory book written by Auren Uris. Please practice in running your business or business.

1. Make a thorough review of your responsibilities

  Position as the head of the company requires you to carry out a series of specific activities in the office. You are responsible for coordinating all divisions within the company as well. So the routine time that should take precedence is to ensure coordination between departments of HRD, the financial, production, marketing and all lines running optimally.
By paying attention to all the obligations and activities suggested, explain your job description. Look in a helpful perspective, and outline your time needs.

2. Set priorities

  Adjust your work schedule pattern to the needs of the organization as a whole. Clearly, all the elements in your work are all important. But we only have two hands and a pair of legs to do it all at once, right?
  So in order to create a realistic work schedule, it is important to set the priority scale. Which to do first and which can be delayed. Construct the hierarchy of these elements according to their importance.This formula can you write on paper, notepad or just in your shadow only. By specifying the priority order as follows:
You know how much relative time can be given for an activity.
You can re-schedule changes. If a higher priority activity needs immediate treatment, then the next low priority job can be set aside.

3. Schedule regular daily work at work.

Most executives follow a daily and weekly schedule. Usually, the entrepreneurs routine from the   morning when entering the office is as the following example
 Checking emails, checking correspondence
 Examine the tasks to be delegated to subordinates
 Read progress reports
 Communicate with managers, division heads and employees on various operative reasons
 Receive guests, hold meetings or business talks with relations, and so forth

 Creating Schedule of daily activities, weekly as needed, helps us get things done faster. Psychologically, regular activities will be recorded as a kind of "cache" that makes "loading" the brain faster.
 In making your schedule this should be noted two things, namely:
Consolidate all concurrent tasks. For example, all correspondence should be made at once. All calling phone events are executed in a row at a time, as far as this is possible.
Calculate spare time for unexpected events. As every experienced entrepreneur knows, their tasks are often disturbed by emergencies, interruptions, even sudden changes of direction. You must be ready to juggle the tasks in your schedule as needed. That is, the second point is the priority scale plays an important role in this

4. Delegation of tasks to subordinates.

  Due to time limitations, it is impossible for you to handle all your own work. Delegating specific tasks where you have direct responsibility is an important factor in saving time.
But not all jobs can you just loose on the subordinates. So before delegating or representing employees, you should pay attention to these things:
 Select the competent employee, have the ability to complete the work you will provide. Explain the tasks that should be done as much as possible. Miscommunication or failure to understand can be fatal.
 Do not grant unlimited authority to trust employees. This is to avoid the things that are not desirable. Many legal cases are dragging the superiors due to abuse of authority. An example is a case of selling a state asset that dragged the name of Dahlan IskanDo not delegate a confidential job that can only be known by yourself

5. Conduct periodic review

  There is little business work that has stayed the same for years. that's why, every six or twelve months, it's worthwhile to assess your work. This is to see the possibility of changes in responsibilities and activities. Chances are in the long run you find a change, or a tendency toward change. You can make the necessary adjustments in your work schedule.
  The steps to save time above are general. Applicable to entrepreneurs in various fields of manufacturing industry, trading and services. For certain types of business, surely there are additional time management management tips according to specifications and uniqueness of each.
In this modern era, we can also utilize the sophistication of information technology to shorten and save working time. Many multimedia tools, applications, software can be easily downloaded and installed on your smartphone, computer, or laptop. With the help of application programs, business activities will be quickly resolved and more cost-effective.

Advantages of Land Property Investment Business House

   What are the advantages / advantages of investment business in the field of property so that many businesses choose this type of investment as land doubling the money? Yes, the property sector is considered to have many advantages to invest compared to the types of stock investments, forex, gold, deposits and others. We certainly already understand, what is a property investment business?
Property investment is an investment activity in the form of a physical building of a house, a building, an apartment or a land for the purpose of obtaining profit from the rent and / or the difference between the value of the property itself within a certain period of time.
profit, property investment compared to stocks, deposits, forex, gold
home investment benefits
  Examples of profitable property investment that for example we now buy a house in a housing area for 1 billion. Can cash or take mortgages and pay monthly installments. As the price increases due to the high demand for shelter, five years later the house we sell for 2M.
  This means that the investment we planted in the property sector managed to reap 2x profit. Not to mention if during the period of 5 years the house was rented by people, for example worth 75 million per year. Then the profits increase to: (75 million x5) + 1milyar = 1.375 billion rupiah
From the example above, we can have a picture of the advantages, advantages and advantages of doing property investment business. For more details, let's discuss what are the plus values ​​that interest investors to raise money in the real estate investment sector

Advantages of Land Property Investment Business House 

Advantages of investment in property 1: The risk of small losses

  One of the advantages for which people invest their money to buy houses, apartments or vacant land is a small risk factor. this is because the movement of ups and downs of property values ​​is not as fast as forex and stock trading. If the index cycles of stock and forex can change every day even hours, then the property value is annual.

Because it is considered including low risk business is, investment is perfect for those of you who do not dare to speculate to run the business with high voltage risk, ahai !! PLN kale ...!

Excess property investment 2: the risk of small fraud making it more secure

Property investment is also safer than fraud. There may be, but the case is very rare. But even if it is safe, as investors we have to be careful. Ensure the validity of the home certificate in the office of the National Land Agency (BPN) before buying. Check whether on behalf of the certificate the person is still alive? Is the status in dispute or not? Is there a double certificate in the same location or not? Such negligence makes a mess
That's why we rarely hear anyone who went bankrupt because of the activity of buying and selling a house or land. Unlike forex players who get rich suddenly or otherwise, fall into poverty in the blink of an eye for being a victim of fraud. Read: Registered investment company OJK

Property investment advantages 3: easy to run

Another advantage of property investment is that the system works very simply. Almost similar to deposits, you do not need to learn too skillfully about business strategies to manage them. Because investors do not require high skill skills such as share players.
The scheme works only 2 steps:
Buy property - rent or leave it and wait a few years - resale

Excess home investment 4: No need to manage every day

Unlike entrepreneurs engaged in manufacturing, trade and services, in the investment of land houses, we do not need to be busy managing them every day. Do not go back to the office from morning to evening. Do not bother taking care of clients, employees, supply of goods, marketing, accounts receivable debts and routines as usual undertaken by entrepreneurs

We just bother a maximum of once a year. That is when about to buy a house, land, shop, apartment, office, building and when looking for parties who want to rent our property. The hardest maybe if we buy it through the mortgage Bank, then when it's time to repay and again no money. There you can sometimes feel sad ...

If you are a bourgeoisie who wants to multiply your property but are lazy about business, property investment is the right solution. Or if it is still considered troublesome, take care of me also okay. I am willing to help spend it, hahaha ... !!

Three Steps to Start a Property Business for Beginners

Three Steps to Start a Property Business for Beginners

1. Start from Sale and Purchase Land Business

   In fact, when starting a business from zero, you have more profits than other business actors starting from the middle. You will learn how to overcome every failure. And when you succeed beyond that stage, the feeling of satisfaction is no match.
   Experienced property developers recommend that you study the property sector by starting from buying and selling land. You can invite the cooperation of people who own the land as a salesperson with a profit-sharing system. This method is mostly done by beginners.
  Do not worry, though not as big as the housing business project, this intermediary position also promises a sizable profit. It would be nice if you and the landlord write down the cooperation on paper to be clearer and not cause any harm on the part.
  You also need to ask in detail about the land to be sold, such as land area, conditions around, price, way of payment as well as commissions that you will be able to sell if the land later.
  Once bound by cooperation with landowners, then your next step is to find the right buyer. After a successful and successful business of buying and selling land, you can start a residential business.
The trick is similar. You can find houses that will be sold by the owner. You can search by going around the complex around your neighborhood, or searching through the internet. After that, you can help sell it on the basis of the homeowner's consent.
  Compared to being a property agent of a company, the business of buying and selling houses independently is more difficult. But there's no one you try because there are enthusiasts respectively.

2. Become a Property Agent

  Being a property agent is widely referred to as a pathway that makes it easy to pioneer the property business. Because you are already under the auspices of property sales service company. This position makes it easy for you to gain client trust alias buyers and home sellers.
  Understandably, the buyer or seller of the house is usually more confident to agents who are clearly have a reputation in this sector. Especially if the company you are shelter is well known and has a good reputation. The other good news, as a property agent you can not only sell a house or land.
  You also have the opportunity to sell other types of property such as apartments, shophouses, warehouses, and so on. This position also gives the opportunity to learn the property business more deeply because the company you are sheltering has clear rules of authority.
  Thus, you do not have to worry about procedural and regulatory when in the field. In addition, your marketing area is not limited territory. Even if you are an agent in Jakarta area, you can still do property business in Bandung area.

3. Create Website As a Promotion Tool

  To accelerate and simplify your property business, it would be great if the promotion strategy is done vigorously. You can take advantage of technological developments by using online media as a means of promotion. For example, by maximizing your social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, and more. Or, you can create a website to expand the network of information about the property business that you live.
  You must understand, nowadays people more often use gadgets to find all the information. Therefore, it will be more strategy if you take promotion through online media. By having your own means of promotion, you can learn and pioneer the property business independently without becoming an agent. That way you can embrace prospective buyers and prospects from various regions.
  When promoting, do not forget to always include clear photos of the property you offer. explain in detail the necessary information. Alternatively, you can create an article-specific channel around the property. For example tips on finding home articles in Transit Oriented Development (TOD) with limited funds.
  With these articles, you can insert invitations to use the services of your property business in finding and selling shelter. You also have to discuss with business people who have been in the property sector for a long time.
 The point is, do not stop learning and do not give up easily. Results will not betray the process! Have a good fight.

Secure Online Investment with MFX Capital

  Secure Online Investment with MFX Capital

   MFX Group is an online investment company that continues to grow and participate in coloring World investment online and is a place of safe online investment. Choosing a trusted online investment is better let alone supported by way of easy online investment. MFX Group offers an easy and profitable online stock investment. Investing online is not difficult because it is easy to monitor and not bound by time.

  Trusted Online Investment Trust from MFX CapitalFormat online investment can be seen from the selected product type, one of which is MFX Capital. This product provides a profitable investment format, where online investment profits reach up to 60% annually. This profitable online investment is gained without the risk of loss of capital. MFX Capital is right to be a safe and profitable investment option. What's more, it is also an online investment of small capital that remains a potential for high profit online investments. Not only that, MFX Capital can provide fixed profit investments that are rarely earned from other investments that most do not necessarily provide fixed profits online investment.

  List of Online investments can be presented in some products that can be selected by relying on trusted online investment manager. The selected investment may be an online investment for an individual or it could be an online investment for the company. The interest rate of this online investment has its own calculation.

   We recommend that you select a secure online investment for more profit, like in MFX. Immediately open an Online investment account to get a safe and profitable online investment deposit.

Secure Online Investment Solution from MFX Capital

  Investing is one way to get additional funding apart from daily income. One of them is to follow various types of investments available such as one of them you can follow the investment program from MFX Capital from the best Indonesian forex trading company that is MFX Broker.

Trusted Online Investments and Kinds

  Along with the development of online investment in Indonesia. Many are looking for a trusted secure online business Investment Opportunity without any profitable risks in Indonesia. Because tempted with great profits and very promising.
  basically in starting an online investment business either in the form of gold or money needs to be the best investment company in Indonesiau the courage to bear the risk therefore your need to choose a safe investment business without risk and profitable must really be prioriatas so that later do not feel the heavy losses. Now has a lot of types of online investment that developed in Indonesia including, gold investment, property investment, stock investments etc. The usual online investment is gold investment.

Trusted Online Investments and Kinds

Here are the best profitable online investments today:


  A long-term profitable investment is property investment, ie any land and building standing on it. There are two ways to profit from property investment, which is to sell a property at a price higher than you buy it, or rent a property from one party to another so as to get the rent from the concerned
Mutual funds
  Mutual funds are a means to collect funds from investors intended to be managed by an Investment Manager's legal entity. So the funds you put in are in the hands of experts who will be channeled on various financial assets to earn a profit.

Foreign exchange

  Some investors who like challenges and are very aggressive in the business consider investing in money or forex market is a trusted and profitable online investment although the risk of loss is also great


  Shares are securities that indicate ownership of a company that has gone public. Companies benefit from non-bank funds to expand their business, while investors will get a dividend or part profit from the company according to the portion of its shares.


  Many people choose the best online investment for long-term and short-term with gold instruments. Gold is a rare precious metal presence and difficult to find it and also its inflation-proof value. Gold is also a means of payment received worldwide after the currencies of developed countries with a tough economy.


  The widespread variety of trading platforms in trusted online investments in Indonesia makes a wide range of investment companies start competing to get customers who can participate in online investment activities in their companies. One of them is in MFX BROKER which provides a variety of investment experience with various options namely MFX CAPITAL, MFX OPTIONS and others
Online investment is being much loved by the people of Indonesia, one of them is the number of investment companies such as one of them is MFX BROKER which provides a choice of various trusted online investments such as MFX OPTIONS and MFX CAPITAL which has long been known by the business community with various advantages

Benefits to be gained by following a trusted online investment in MFX CAPITAL
Fixed Interest Rate of 60% per annum
Invest in various business ventures without fear of loss
Flexible investment period, from 3 months
Can get a personal investment assistant

A Profitable Employee Business with Small Capital

  There are many reasons why more and more people are looking for employee side business ideas. In addition to increasing spending money, certain side businesses may be an outlet for a particular hobby or passion. Fortunately, technological developments make it easier to search for side activities, especially if the capital to start small.
Interested to add money coffers without disturbing the daily work? Consider some of today's side business ideas below.

A Profitable Employee Business with Small Capital

Sell ​​Professional Photos

  Have a hobby of photography but not accomplish working in this field? You can vent the penchant by selling professional photos and getting money. There are many sites that accommodate professional shots, as well as give commissions every one sold. Sites like Fotolia.com, ShutterStock.com, StockFresh.com, and Istockphoto.com commission between 15 and 30 percent for each photo sold.
Joining these sites is not difficult, but you should open a PayPal account for commission payouts. You should also have a special Instagram or Flickr account to display these photos, as an online portfolio.

Selling Items in an Online Store

  Online boards like OpenLapak and Tokopedia provide a convenient place to shop, complete with a system that takes care of things like stock management, payments, order receipts, to withdrawal of sales proceeds. The choice between selling secondhand goods is still in good condition, or selling new goods from a supplier for a certain price to make a profit.
If you want to sell in the online store, make sure to describe the items as accurately as possible, and use clear photographs to convince buyers that you can be trusted. Do not forget to look at the price range of similar products as a reference, to avoid benchmarks that are too cheap or expensive.

Selling Snack Foods

   Have a hobby of cooking? Snacks such as cookies, pudding, chocolate, or chips are quite easy to make and do not require large capital. You can make it in small quantities for sale at work or office. Today, there are more and more people who love unique snack creations, especially those that are rarely store-bought.
If you want to expand the sales area, you can create blogs, websites, or special social networking accounts to sell those products. The blog can also be used as a promotional media, especially if there is a special cooking skills to be developed.

Writing and Translating Content

  Digital transformation has made a lot of work and business dependent on internet sites. In order to operate, these sites require content in the form of articles, photo descriptions, translation articles, and so on. You can be a content writer or translator as a side job, because the capital is not expensive.
Freelance sites such as Fiverr and Sribulancer can be an option to find short-term projects. The pay is probably not too expensive, but you can do it freely in your spare time, and the results can be allocated for savings or meeting small needs.

Become a Private Tutor

  Tutor services are still quite needed today, especially to help students who will exam. You can be a part-time tutor on-site for tutoring, or offer private course services at a self-determined time. If you can manage time and teach several students at once, the income can be tolerable.
Got any special skills to offer? Try to be a tutor for specific things like foreign languages, photography, painting, cooking, graphic design, and so on. You can target adult students, as well as set a higher rate.
Writing a blog is still one of the potential side job opportunities. However, the number of blogs that more and more make you have to be smart to compete. Choose a specific topic that you know well, then develop the topic into a blog that benefits others. If the blog is growing enough, you can write an e-book with the specific theme, and sell it.
Whichever theme is chosen, make sure it adds value to the reader. Do not forget to do deep research, write well, and not plagiarize the work of others to avoid problems.

  Employee side business is now not something that lowers prestige, so do not hesitate to do it if need. Do not be too proud to apply for financing to launch your side business. Since the creation of Creative, Fast, and Safe products from Pawnshops, the financing for productive needs is now easier, faster and safer. You can apply for loans ranging from 50 thousand rupiah with collateral in the form of gold jewelry, gold bars, diamonds, cars, motorcycles, to electronic goods. You are granted a loan term of 4 months and can be renewed many times.

Miscellaneous Small Capital Investment Big Profit

  It can not be denied that investment is tempting. Many people earn the coffers of wealth because of the benefits of the investment they make. But not a few people who still lay with the world of investment, but they want to have it only they do not dare to start for fear of risk. No doubt they are looking for a safe point by simply relying on ordinary savings.

  Investment brings its own benefits in the future as a form of investment that results can be seen in a certain period of time. Not a few who think that investment can only be done by people with high income. In fact, investment can be done by anyone, ranging from young people, adults, to parents.
Make a small capital investment to get a big profit to be everyone's dream. Who would not want if little capital is spent in the beginning but can reap huge profits in the future? Of course everyone would.

Miscellaneous Small Capital Investment Big Profit

If we look, there are currently some big lucky small capital investments. With the money below Rp 100.000 too, you can already invest. What kinds of small capital investments are big profits? Here's the review:

1. Mutual funds

  Mutual fund investments have huge profit potential. This investment is growing rapidly among investors. The required capital can be very small, namely Rp 100,000 because it is a collection of funds from many investors to generate transaction cost efficiency. Mutual funds itself is a container of capital management for a pool of investors to invest. The available investment instruments are by buying mutual fund units managed by the investment manager into the investment portfolio according to the selected investment instrument, whether in the form of stocks, bonds, and so forth. For beginners, this investment is managed by professional management in fund management. Another advantage of mutual fund investments is the diversification of investments or the spread of investments embodied in the portfolio that will reduce the risk of funds invested in various types of securities so the risk is also great. So, the risk is not as big as if someone buys one or two types of stock individually.

2. Goods Collection

  Investments are not just about stocks and so on. Having collectibles is tantamount to having an investment, especially if your collection is an antique that is now hard to find. For people who like antiques like records, stamps, ancient currencies, paintings, or other ancient objects, finding people who sell these things is a pleasure in itself. Not infrequently they are willing to spend big money to get these antiques. Other objects that also have a high value of toys. These items are usually collected by men, ranging from small children to adults.
In addition, if you like to read books and have a collection of books, you can also invest it. Old output books generally have a very strong appeal in the eyes of collectors. Having old books with original writings of famous figures is a matter of pride. In fact, the older and popular the book, the price will be more expensive.
  The advantage of collectible investment is when there is an increase in price, Keep in mind if you want to sell collectibles, you must find people who are willing to buy your collection at a reasonable price.

3. Investments in Shares

  There are still many who think that to invest in stocks required large capital. And with a small capital alone, you can buy shares. Stock itself is one way that companies do to get capital. Stock investment in the form of evidence that you have a company. A company can get some funds from investors when issuing shares. Investing in stocks also has great profit potential.
Now, with a capital of about Rp 5 million you can already invest in stocks by opening an account at a stock broker and invest in shares. A broker or broker is a party conducting the sale and purchase of securities listed on the stock exchange and has the permission and authority to conduct such transactions. Stock brokers require investors to conduct a sale and purchase in the capital market. In short, if you want to buy a stock company, you can buy it through a broker without the need to go to the company.
  Currently also has many brokerage services online by offering convenience and ease in investing in stocks. In this way, you can buy and keep stocks until the price goes up or daily trading by actively trading stocks.

4. Gold Bars Investment

  The investment of gold bullion also becomes an investment with a small initial capital but has a huge profit potential. Why is that? Because of the value of gold that tends to rise and resistant to the rate of inflation, so this investment is chosen by many investors because it is considered stable in the midst of financial market fluctuations. Gold is also a very easy investment to melt with a process that is easy and faster than other types of investments.
  Gold investment is now also easier because there are many institutions that provide gold investment services, one of them Pawnshop. Gold investment in Pawnshop is divided into several products, among which are Mulia products and Gold Pocket Savings. To facilitate the Indonesian people in investing in gold, Pawnshop not only provides gold purchase services in cash, but also in installments that can be done either individually or with a group. Gold investment services in Pawnshop include:

Long Profitable Business Loads

 Long Profitable Business Loads

 Want to know, a profitable Business Land of all time? yuuk, cekidot, and find out! there are some lucrative business fields of all time and probably not many people will do this business, because the business field is pretty unique, and quite challenging therefore, the business is not too much in demand by the crowd and maybe some people do not think it is so far! but the demand for the product is very high! even if you notice the business person is very decent standard of living, or arguably rich.

  Perhaps the question will arise from you if it is true that business field is quite profitable why not many people plunge into the business? well, there are many factors and reasons, probably because many Indonesians, who still believe in the myths and messages of parents first! hehee, including me: D and to be honest maybe also I will think many times doing the business! ok, right aja well yah, below are some lucrative business land of all time:

  The first business land is, funeral business! the business is arguably almost all need these products, because surely we will die. in other words a funeral product must have a very high demand, when compared to any product, how not, if we look at the population of our country which amounts to more than 200 million and surely everyone will use the funeral products! in other words the business is arguably a very profitable business and low competition! it's just a big question is, do you dare to do business in the Industry People died :)

  The second business land is Waste Business, the business is a very profitable business! because almost every society or factory will generate tons of waste, and our society too, will certainly produce waste! and not all public waste has no value, such as plastic paper, damaged electronic items and so on. Not many people want to do business because the waste business is identical with the people down, but I also have friends who move in the waste world, and my friend is very, very prosperous! but doing waste business is not easy! especially in treating factory waste, because there will certainly be a lot of illegal levies! but still the waste business field is very profitable!

  The third business land is the Foreign Workers Business, or commonly known as TKI, my own brother happens to be in this business field, this business can be considered very profitable, but the level of difficulty is very high! because this business is basically looking for workers who want to work abroad especially the women workers! and I also tried to try the business in 2013 and then by looking for companies abroad, and it turns out the number of requests very much! but since I have no interest in the industry I am not too far away to experience it! but if you can be honest this business is very tempting, because every time we get women workers who are interested to work abroad some companies PJTKI will provide a fairly large commissions, which amounted to 1 to 5 million rupiah!

  The fourth business land is an online business land, probably already many people who do business online, but not all industries have been worked on by online business people, and mostly only engaged in the field of publisher or content creation / articles and so forth! but given the vastness of online business, both the financial industry, the heavy equipment industry, the labor industry, the service industry, and so on! there are still many industries that have not been worked out by the online business, and 80% of online business people just around the well-known business!

  For now only four business lands have just occurred to me, maybe next time if I find my other business land, will try to update this article, because I'm sure there are still many business areas out there that have not been terahah and its potential is also huge! but given the limitations and other things, only four business fields are in my head: D, thank you for your time to read my article on profitable business land.

Pattern Of Starting A Fried Chicken Business

Pattern of Starting a Fried Chicken Business

  Doing business of fried chicken or fried chicken in today's era there is no harm. Especially now the business of food and beverage increasingly in demand and sought. As already known, processed crispy chicken is always sought and has a broad market segment.

  But the thing to note is, if you are a new be or a beginner's business then consider some of the following as a guide for you ready to start a fried chicken business.

  The first is changing intentions. In essence the business is synonymous with profit-seeking. But profit is not the main target in starting a fried chicken business. "As Pak Syamsalis pointed out that his intentions are beyond business. Do not just to benefit personal profit, "explained Director of Social & Development Sabana Foundation, Muhammad Haden Aulia Husein.

  The second is the mentality. If the business has started to run well then a strong mentality needs to be built. "A businessman should be optimistic, because the optimistic business people they will never give up in building a work team that one vision," he explained.

  Last is the management procedure. Many say if the staff is the company's best asset. Therefore the term humanizing humans is a must for those of you who have become a boss to care about the rights and obligations of employees.

  "Make standardization work he convey what their rights and obligations. So the term goodness will be rewarded with this kindness will happen. They will be loyal and your business will be blessed !, "he concluded.

4 It's So Guiding Start Cafe Business

4 It's So Guiding Start Cafe Business

  Opportunity to open the food and beverage business in 2018 is very wide open for those of you who want to find a fortune in it. Given the need for food and beverages is the main thing that must be met.
However, it's good you need to consider beberpa the following as tips and suggestions so you are ready to start and develop the cafe business from the founder ramen cafe business cafe NoMiNoMi Delight, Rifqi Mohammad AS.

   First is like the field that ditekuni. "In general these tips are true for all business activists. But it is true that starting a business do not just see the easy side aja. If you like and are serious, you must think about the risks and you will be looking for problem solving so that the initial target goes well, "he said.

  The second is learning to the teacher. The reason is that there is always a way for those who try is a truth that must be done. So Rifqi reveals to be a must for employers to participate in a community that can generate your business.
"Many communities, for example, have Apkulindo. Just follow the activities. There will always be interesting information and insight that is very useful and you can implement for the progress of your cafe business, "he said.

  If specified, for Rifqi the basic thing in preparing the opening binsis cafe is the mastery of raw materials. Surely you need to determine which raw materials are good and cheap in order to press the HPP of the product to be sold. so the selling price is competitive.
Third, leadership. When becoming an entrepreneur, leadership is an important component as the driver of the direction of the cafe business is made. But leadership must be forged based on experience, not just theory.

   "I woke up NoMiNoMi Delight because it was up another culinary business before. So we have a lot of valuable experience that we can duplicate in this cafe business for the better. because I already know the problem and already know and handlingnya. Get used to think detail and patient, "he explained.

  Last is the digital asset. It is common knowledge that today's digital utilization is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs who are able to manage it well. "Maintain well, promote our business so that people aware with our business," he said.

Here are 8 Secrets Why Successful Chinese People and Great Rich!

No doubt, many Chinese descent are successful in a career or financially. Call it names like Ciputra, Hary Tanoesoedibjo and Bong Chandra. From the international sphere you may be familiar with the name of Jack Ma or Li Ka-shing. Perhaps many of us are wondering "Why Chinese people can get rich, anyway, what's the secret?"

Here are 8 Secrets Why Successful Chinese People and Great Rich!

Well, curious? Here's an explanation of why many Chinese are successful career and financial.

1. Most Chinese love to save and invest.

The Chinese love to save and invest. Once they get the money, they immediately save it in the bank. Often also invested through mutual funds or deposits. The money they save or invest can be up to 75 to 80 percent of total revenue. The rest is only used to meet monthly needs.

2. They do not like to show the excess property through appearance.

Consider just how the Chinese in dress. They rarely use expensive clothes or fancy jewelry. Luxury clothes they only wear for the commemoration of the holidays and important family events. In a way, their daily lives away from the prestige of appearance.

3. Because of diligent saving, they can buy goods with cash.

Tinghoa people prefer to buy cash cash rather than buy on credit. They realize that credit interest is burdensome in the future. Their savings were used to buy goods in cash.

4. They prefer to cook themselves instead of fast food.

The Chinese prefer to produce themselves rather than buy. This is also applied in cooking. That's why they can be more frugal.

5. They are hardworking with high spirits.

When ordinary people avoid overtime, the Chinese look for overtime. According to them this is a good land to show high morale and earn additional income. When we are lazy in the room, they sweat to achieve success.

6. Even they are also diligent looking for odd jobs.

The Chinese know that the income from one job can not meet their daily needs. Therefore they are also often looking for odd jobs. Starting from selling online, teaching tutoring and others are also dilakoni.

7. Due to high work ethic, Chinese people are preferred by bosses.

The Chinese love to work and complete the job perfectly. That is the reason why they are loved by the bosses in the office. Jobs submitted to them, completed quickly and thoroughly. So do not be surprised if his career also jumped fast.

8. They are concerned with benefits and not just prestige.

Try to come to the house of the Tinghoa who just started work. Then ask the items they have. They will answer for reasons of utility or usefulness of the goods. The Chinese understand that a more important item has value for use than prestige.
Well, already know? Do you want to try to apply it too?

The Rich Secret of Chinese People

The Rich Secret of Chinese People

   bismilahirahmanahahim my friends all who blessed God, look at the chinese people around you, the average chinese people around us who are, have a luxurious fashion, a good house, a smooth business, why is that? is there anyone who can answer ... why indigenous indonesians even live below the line of wealth of chinese people, why? anyone can answer again, hard work and diligent trying is the key, can you imitate friends? a profile figure ... Ann Wan Seng, a Chinese businessman and author of best-selling books, was born to a merchant family. Since childhood, he has followed and helped his parents trade. Based on his experience and his observations that the Chinese way of trading is somewhat different from other peoples and nations. They have their own views, ways, concepts, and trade philosophies. The Chinese seldom share their advice and trade secrets with others. These trade secrets and secrets are in fact the main weapons of Chinese success in trade and other economic fields. Through his book, The Secret of the Chinese Business (Hikmah: 2007) Ann tries to explain some of the secrets and trade advice of the Chinese. The book is claimed to be the best-selling business book in Malaysia in 2006, and in Indonesia in 2007. We realize that to be a successful trader, one needs to have a vision and a view that can look far ahead.

    In addition, also required commitment, discipline, patience, strength, and sacrifice is not small. Trade is a field that can be learned and does not become a monopoly of a particular group of people. Those are the universal values ​​that can be applied by anyone who wants to be a pegadang. However, it must be acknowledged that attempts to break the dominance of the Chinese in the economic field are still unsuccessful. This is, said Ann Wan Seng, because the trade relations among the Chinese are so close that they can not be separated. According to Ann, the Chinese are a flexible, volatile nation, and adapt to any circumstances. They will be able to live and find food wherever they are. This is one of the intelligence of the Chinese. The Chinese can trade anywhere including in the least productive areas. This is in line with the phrase that "Chinese people can trade in Malay village, but Malays can not necessarily trade in Chinese areas." We can see that the Chinese are easy to grow anywhere. Just look at the cities in Indonesia, Chinese businessmen are growing rapidly. Why is that? That's because That the Chinese always want a total change, then hijra is a necessity. "The man must emigrate not only physically but also mentally, soul, and come closer to Him. A person's desire to change is the key to Chinese success, "said Ann Wan Seng. However, not without their failure to trade.
Fate of failure is not an excuse to accept defeat in their trade. Every Chinese merchant can take wisdom and learn from his failures. They evaluate any deficiencies, weaknesses, faults, and failures. They continue to learn from all the failures. The first failure can not fade his spirits, instead it will make him more persistent. The second failure made it a lesson. The third failure makes it wiser. Continued failure will test its patience and fortitude. Failed several times for the Chinese does not mean it will fail forever. Ann Wan Seng said, "The Chinese believe and believe they will succeed someday." The Chinese business in failing and facing competition is by continuing to learn and improve its work ethic. They can not help improving their performance. South Korean conglomerate Kim Woo Choong once stated, "If we are as diligent as those in the West, we will not be able to compete with them. If we want to be more successful than others, we have no choice but to work harder and more diligently. "Perhaps it would be weird and" crazy "to see the Indonesians about the things below, that the successful Chinese still keep high work ethic.
 They wake up and start working as early as possible and get to bed by midnight. The number of hours they work exceeds the number of hours worked by others. If regular workers work 8 to 10 hours a day, they work between 16 to 18 hours a day. They are not workaholic, but hardworking. They also do not stop when it has successfully achieved the goal because the journey in trade is still long. "One goal is over, another goal is waiting," said Ann Wan Seng. The Chinese are willing to wake up early and continue to work until the evening.

    They work hard.of totality.   The synonym of hard work is diligent. Perseverance is one of the success factors of Chinese in trading activities. There is no reason for a person not to be successful if they are diligent and diligent, just like the Chinese. There is an interesting question, why are Chinese people synonymous with trading? According to Ann Wan Seng the Chinese and the trade are united and become an inseparable entity. Those who trade are the same as working for yourself. This is better than working with and for others. People who work and earn a salary are considered immature. Since childhood, the Chinese have been implanted in their thinking to be independent of others. They have the ability and potential. To prove it by getting involved in trading activities. Trading can make a person wiser, disciplined, and resilient. The Chinese do not like to get paid. Wage earned groups do not have a high social standing in society. The Chinese are encouraged to trade even if only small-scale. Revenue may be smaller than those who earn a salary, but it will be considered better than working on others. Trading on your own means someone can be your boss and master.

    Working with people, until then will be considered coolies. People who trade are said to be brave and only brave people who have the chance to become rich and successful. A little tip from Ann Wan Seng on the secrets of successful Chinese trading, that traders should not expect profits at the start of their trade. They must be prepared for all possibilities, such as losses and failures in the early stages. For that, they must have strong capital and financial resources that can be used during this critical period. The profit earned should not be spent. Profits should be used to increase working capital and make investments. The profit to be gained depends on how many investments have been made. And one thing that should not be forgotten too, that do not ever rebuke customers because they pay not to get words that are not pleasant to hear. Are we ready to learn how to trade Chinese? Yes Rabb, we often only look at the LIFE that is in us and around us, we rarely can see the advantages you have given to us, that is partly because we do not find a happy, happy part of life in our lives Yes Rabb, give us motivation, we love you and introduce your omnipotence and greatness to us so that we can use your power in every situation and condition, guide us to Allah, for the good of the World and our Fear ,,, hopefully helpful…

10 Tips for Successful Start Up Business for Beginners

Success is what everyone is looking for. One of the many ways people do to achieve it is to start a business. The idea of ​​becoming an entrepreneur has become a trend in all societies, especially among young people. Therefore, today many people who have successfully become entrepreneurs at a young age. This is not surprising, because many people are starting to feel tired and limited by just being employees, so the thought of making a business of choice.
To successfully start a business does not always go smoothly, it takes some skill and steps to do properly. There is even a thought that says that not everyone can be an entrepreneur. But actually, everyone can be a businessman if you want to learn and work hard. Scott Gerber is a young entrepreneur, writer, and investor from the United States. Here are 10 tips for a successful start up business for beginners by Scott Gerber.

10 Tips for Successful Start Up Business for Beginners

1. Focus on one business opportunity

Along with the growing virtual world, nowadays as if all things can be a business opportunity. With so many opportunities that can be taken, maybe you will be confused in choosing an opportunity that will be developed. So many people are even trying to develop many opportunities at the same time. But is that true? There is nothing right or wrong, because it all depends on the ability of everyone, but it would be better if you focus on one chance only.
With you focus on one opportunity, then all your ideas and thoughts to grow the business will be more focused. This will make it easier for you to execute all those ideas. Taking care of one business alone is difficult, especially if many, yes no?

2. Do the things you like

In doing anything, if we like what we do, then we will do it wholeheartedly. Not because of coercion so it can be more leverage. Any work if cultivated with all my heart will produce maximum results, because that's a lot of jobs that are not common at this time. But for those of you who aspire to be entrepreneurs, do not start a business just for seeing a big profit, look cool, or because told. Usually, the good thing to do when starting a business is, based on a hobby. If your hobby is photography, you can start selling camera gear. That way, your hobby is satisfied and the dream of opening a business is

 3. Master everything about your business

At the beginning of starting a business, generally there are rarely investors who dare to put the money there. But the opportunity can come anytime, so you have to really control everything about the business you are in and always ready to explain with the obvious. This is so that you can make investors believe that he put his money in the right hands, that is to you, the person who most understand about this business.

4. Always willing to learn from others

Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages. No one knows everything, so it is important to be open to the views or thoughts of others. In consultation with others such as mentors, friends, or other successful people, you can take lessons from what he has done. Choose a mentor, friend or successful person to be your advisor, where you discuss the things that need to be done to succeed. More listening is better than talking more.

5. Live simply

Forget all the beauty of being an entrepreneur. Luxury cars, sumptuous meals, big houses, or anything that shows luxury. Live with the view that you are a beginner who needs money to succeed. That way, you will enjoy the process of success and everything you dream will come in time naachieved.

6. Learn from failure

Nothing is certain in this world. It's the same with the business world. There are two choices in our lives that determine success, namely to move forward or silence. If you want to move forward, then you must also be prepared to face failure. Because not everything you plan always runs as smoothly as you wish. Precisely a failure must happen to teach you and prepare you to be a successful person later on. When it fails, do not despair, keep trying and learn from that experience. Failure is the best teacher loh!

7. Show that your business concept is best

Rest assured that no investor is willing to invest in your business, because they do not know the standard of your business concept yet. Therefore, point out that this business concept will be very profitable for investors. Run your business concept with a modest capital to provide concrete evidence to investors. When you have shown that your concept is best, then believe that the investors will be looking for you.

8. Maintain health

To succeed, it must work hard, but do not forget that maintaining health is also your responsibility. With you taking care of your health, trust that whatever you do will be more productive. Set your diet, exercise regularly, and take time to rest from work. Imagine if you get sick, there's nothing you can do perfectly. Health gives you a chance to do things better. As much as possible balance the work by maintaining health.

9. Prove it by action, not by words

Watch what you say. Say what you can do, do not talk too much but you can not do anything. Prove what you can do through action, not through words, because with you acting, people will be better able to judge your work. Speak less, do more, right?

10. Know when to stop trying

A wise captain will not drown with his ship. That is a proverb that explains that a wise person is someone who knows when to try and when to stop. Stop trying is not always a form of giving up, sometimes there are things that force you to stop, otherwise you will get worse. Likewise in pioneering the business. Sometimes, the business we start does not bring you to success, but instead makes you menajdi worse. When the situation comes, then you must know when to stop. Be wise and sensitive to circumstances will help you to avoid the downturn.

Unique Marketing Tricks And Attract Many Consumers

unique marketing tips

It is undeniable that promotion is one of the most important factors for success for corporate survival. Promotion is one powerful weapon in developing and sustaining business. A product will not be bought even known if the consumer does not know its usefulness, its superiority, where the product can be obtained and at what price. This is where it takes a neat and unique marketing promotion to attract many consumers to use the goods / services offered by the company.

Unique Marketing Tricks And Attract Many Consumers

Understanding of marketing

In terms of Marketing or known as the word marketing is one part of the sale or demand. Marketing or marketing plays an important role in the continuity of all businesses because marketing has a position as a liaison between the company as a producer with consumers or the community as a user. In addition, marketing is a process of comprehensive and integrated activities within which individuals and groups get what they need and want by making products, setting prices, communicating an information or promoting and channeling through exchange activities to provide satisfaction to consumers and company. Marketing can act as both buyer and seller. For example someone wants to buy a house that is just about to be sold. Each prospective buyer seeks to market themselves to the seller.

Differences marketing with sales

Many people who mean that marketing is the same as sales, whereas the two positions are 2 different sections. A sales person is a seller, which is usually a sales valuation measured from sales volume that has reached the target. For a salesman is how the product is sold without care about customer satisfaction. While a marketing is a marketer or a promoter. Being a marketing must be able to influence the mind and the heart of the consumer by doing the marketing / promotion / branding strategies based on the results of research / analysis on the trend of consumer desire, product (function, feature, price and quality), competitors, location, other. Marketing must also be able to maintain good relationships with consumers to gain consumer loyalty. So from that sense, it is different between marketing and sales.
But regardless of the difference, marketing and sales are valuable corporate assets and both are the spearhead of the company's business. Marketing + sales = achievement of sales targets, so Marketing and sales will need each other very muchThe need for unique marketing
In doing marketing or marketing, not only takes the courage or intention to sell it but also requires skill or expertise to create a unique and interesting marketing so as to attract the hearts of consumers and create a good relationship for consumers in the longer term. Therefore, as a marketer, you must understand the need for unique marketing, not just know marketing alone.
Marketing plays an important role in the business world because it contributes directly in achieving survival and growth. What is important in a business organization is assessing the desires and satisfaction of consumers in the present and potential customers, designing and managing product offerings, determining pricing and pricing policies, developing service strategies and communicating with consumers or potential customers.
In the marketing sense, it is said to offer career opportunities because marketing offers career opportunities in areas such as professional sales, marketing research, advertising, retail purchases, product management, product development and wholesale trade.

A few point ways to create a unique marketing

The secret of selling goods to quickly achieve success is only one of the unique and creative marketing strategies that can tie the hearts of many consumers. The following is the minimum point in creating a unique and creative marketing strategy that you should pay attention to:

Be Creative With Brands and attractive packaging

A marketing strategy such as a product that you normally display in a more attractive brand of course it will attract many people to choose your product. for example you are selling traditional cassava chips that have been familiar to the community, with the concept of perfunctory, nil you can achieve high turnover. But the business of modern chips that try to give a unique brand and have a sense of gradation will certainly provide a certainty of higher turnover of your business. For example, use the more ngetrend term "zone ngehits" to show the level of spiciness. The sweetness level is indicated by "dull zone". So, do not be surprised to hear the phrase "Katela Chips most ngehits" or "Katela Kribo make upset".

Create More Product Image Specialization

Maybe you can follow the example of peanut products that give the image as a friend to watch the ball, supermarket snack as a gathering friend with a friend or modern hijab for Muslim women who want to stay slang. Even energy drinks are now a compulsory requirement after activity or exercising, beating out drinking water or drinking sweet tea. By providing a more specialized image on your product as a marketing strategy will certainly make you easier in attracting many consumers.

Promotion in Online Media

It can be said today that people prefer social media to be virtual rather than socializing in a real world. Many people end up using social media as a stall for selling. And hasilnyapun also do not lose much from the shops on the roadside. By doing marketing in social media such as facebook, twitter, blog and others of course cheaper even free, but can be exposed widely to many consumers.

Here are 4 Old Marketing Tricks Proven Very Powerful

When the old marketing method combined with new technology then it can become a powerful force. Google+, Vine, or Twitter is a powerful new, cost-effective marketing tool. But you do not have to focus on something new. Some of the old marketing methods are still attractive and effective.
To get stronger, try combining these modern technologies with old marketing tricks. Here are some old marketing tips that proved very great, quoted from the site :

Here are 4 Old Marketing Tricks Proven Very Powerful

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-Mouth is still the biggest marketing force. People trust their friends and family more. Give rewards to loyal customers who bring new people into the "family" and encourage your employees to spread the word to their neighborhood.
This can exponentially increase your referrals reach by including referral programs into your email marketing listings and social media efforts.

Personal connection

Creating a personal relationship will make you very memorable. Use contact tracking software to find out client birthdays and reach them with personal notes via social media.Postcard
Send a postcard to a customer as a thank-you for their last order, or tell them your next event that might interest them. Send postcards to customers as a standard step when ordering / purchasing occurs.

"Ground Coffee"

Local networks are still the main road to reach loyal customers. Social media is great for maintaining relationships. But not as good as compared to the power of sitting together with customers at local meetings, chamber meetings, industry conferences or other. Surely that's better than Facebook page updates.
Find a fun hangout. Hold a conference in your area not for your industry, but for industries that need your services. For example, if you sell accounting software, then attend a meeting of local accounting software associations. You may be the only one from the industry in the local small business associations that get together.


The TV is very nice, but the price is certainly very expensive. However, radio has historically been and still has its own value for small and medium business advertising. Do not limit yourself to advertising. Local radio is the most reaching radio community in the area.
Combine radio power with the power of modern communication by getting podcasts about your industry, or creating your own podcasts with suggestions about your skills.