4 It's So Guiding Start Cafe Business

4 It's So Guiding Start Cafe Business

  Opportunity to open the food and beverage business in 2018 is very wide open for those of you who want to find a fortune in it. Given the need for food and beverages is the main thing that must be met.
However, it's good you need to consider beberpa the following as tips and suggestions so you are ready to start and develop the cafe business from the founder ramen cafe business cafe NoMiNoMi Delight, Rifqi Mohammad AS.

   First is like the field that ditekuni. "In general these tips are true for all business activists. But it is true that starting a business do not just see the easy side aja. If you like and are serious, you must think about the risks and you will be looking for problem solving so that the initial target goes well, "he said.

  The second is learning to the teacher. The reason is that there is always a way for those who try is a truth that must be done. So Rifqi reveals to be a must for employers to participate in a community that can generate your business.
"Many communities, for example, have Apkulindo. Just follow the activities. There will always be interesting information and insight that is very useful and you can implement for the progress of your cafe business, "he said.

  If specified, for Rifqi the basic thing in preparing the opening binsis cafe is the mastery of raw materials. Surely you need to determine which raw materials are good and cheap in order to press the HPP of the product to be sold. so the selling price is competitive.
Third, leadership. When becoming an entrepreneur, leadership is an important component as the driver of the direction of the cafe business is made. But leadership must be forged based on experience, not just theory.

   "I woke up NoMiNoMi Delight because it was up another culinary business before. So we have a lot of valuable experience that we can duplicate in this cafe business for the better. because I already know the problem and already know and handlingnya. Get used to think detail and patient, "he explained.

  Last is the digital asset. It is common knowledge that today's digital utilization is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs who are able to manage it well. "Maintain well, promote our business so that people aware with our business," he said.


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