5 Time Management Steps for Entrepreneurs

  For entrepreneurs, executives and managers at the top level of corporate management, time is precious. This type of super busy person thinks time is money. Save time-saver. Understandably, as an important person in the company, a lot of work to be taken care of and done. Thus, time management is very important for business smoothness.
  How to save time, schedule and spend time effectively and efficiently for big businessmen is not difficult. Simply pick up a secretary or special staff, they will arrange everything. Right!
But how about small entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, beginner businessmen who have not enough funds to hire a personal assistant? Of course must be smart in managing their own time management. Clever to apply self-study (self time study).
  Although today many advanced software applications to support the smooth operation, still need the ability to think to find the most appropriate method in optimizing the time. Because successful entrepreneurs are the ones who appreciate every second of seconds, minutes and ticking hours. With the proper implementation of time management, there is no reason to refuse orders on the grounds, "sorry, we have no time."

5 Time Management Steps for Entrepreneurs

  Here's a 5 step step saving step tips for entrepreneurs. Tips on compiling this time management we quote from executive guideline theory book written by Auren Uris. Please practice in running your business or business.

1. Make a thorough review of your responsibilities

  Position as the head of the company requires you to carry out a series of specific activities in the office. You are responsible for coordinating all divisions within the company as well. So the routine time that should take precedence is to ensure coordination between departments of HRD, the financial, production, marketing and all lines running optimally.
By paying attention to all the obligations and activities suggested, explain your job description. Look in a helpful perspective, and outline your time needs.

2. Set priorities

  Adjust your work schedule pattern to the needs of the organization as a whole. Clearly, all the elements in your work are all important. But we only have two hands and a pair of legs to do it all at once, right?
  So in order to create a realistic work schedule, it is important to set the priority scale. Which to do first and which can be delayed. Construct the hierarchy of these elements according to their importance.This formula can you write on paper, notepad or just in your shadow only. By specifying the priority order as follows:
You know how much relative time can be given for an activity.
You can re-schedule changes. If a higher priority activity needs immediate treatment, then the next low priority job can be set aside.

3. Schedule regular daily work at work.

Most executives follow a daily and weekly schedule. Usually, the entrepreneurs routine from the   morning when entering the office is as the following example
 Checking emails, checking correspondence
 Examine the tasks to be delegated to subordinates
 Read progress reports
 Communicate with managers, division heads and employees on various operative reasons
 Receive guests, hold meetings or business talks with relations, and so forth

 Creating Schedule of daily activities, weekly as needed, helps us get things done faster. Psychologically, regular activities will be recorded as a kind of "cache" that makes "loading" the brain faster.
 In making your schedule this should be noted two things, namely:
Consolidate all concurrent tasks. For example, all correspondence should be made at once. All calling phone events are executed in a row at a time, as far as this is possible.
Calculate spare time for unexpected events. As every experienced entrepreneur knows, their tasks are often disturbed by emergencies, interruptions, even sudden changes of direction. You must be ready to juggle the tasks in your schedule as needed. That is, the second point is the priority scale plays an important role in this

4. Delegation of tasks to subordinates.

  Due to time limitations, it is impossible for you to handle all your own work. Delegating specific tasks where you have direct responsibility is an important factor in saving time.
But not all jobs can you just loose on the subordinates. So before delegating or representing employees, you should pay attention to these things:
 Select the competent employee, have the ability to complete the work you will provide. Explain the tasks that should be done as much as possible. Miscommunication or failure to understand can be fatal.
 Do not grant unlimited authority to trust employees. This is to avoid the things that are not desirable. Many legal cases are dragging the superiors due to abuse of authority. An example is a case of selling a state asset that dragged the name of Dahlan IskanDo not delegate a confidential job that can only be known by yourself

5. Conduct periodic review

  There is little business work that has stayed the same for years. that's why, every six or twelve months, it's worthwhile to assess your work. This is to see the possibility of changes in responsibilities and activities. Chances are in the long run you find a change, or a tendency toward change. You can make the necessary adjustments in your work schedule.
  The steps to save time above are general. Applicable to entrepreneurs in various fields of manufacturing industry, trading and services. For certain types of business, surely there are additional time management management tips according to specifications and uniqueness of each.
In this modern era, we can also utilize the sophistication of information technology to shorten and save working time. Many multimedia tools, applications, software can be easily downloaded and installed on your smartphone, computer, or laptop. With the help of application programs, business activities will be quickly resolved and more cost-effective.


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