A Profitable Employee Business with Small Capital

  There are many reasons why more and more people are looking for employee side business ideas. In addition to increasing spending money, certain side businesses may be an outlet for a particular hobby or passion. Fortunately, technological developments make it easier to search for side activities, especially if the capital to start small.
Interested to add money coffers without disturbing the daily work? Consider some of today's side business ideas below.

A Profitable Employee Business with Small Capital

Sell ​​Professional Photos

  Have a hobby of photography but not accomplish working in this field? You can vent the penchant by selling professional photos and getting money. There are many sites that accommodate professional shots, as well as give commissions every one sold. Sites like Fotolia.com, ShutterStock.com, StockFresh.com, and Istockphoto.com commission between 15 and 30 percent for each photo sold.
Joining these sites is not difficult, but you should open a PayPal account for commission payouts. You should also have a special Instagram or Flickr account to display these photos, as an online portfolio.

Selling Items in an Online Store

  Online boards like OpenLapak and Tokopedia provide a convenient place to shop, complete with a system that takes care of things like stock management, payments, order receipts, to withdrawal of sales proceeds. The choice between selling secondhand goods is still in good condition, or selling new goods from a supplier for a certain price to make a profit.
If you want to sell in the online store, make sure to describe the items as accurately as possible, and use clear photographs to convince buyers that you can be trusted. Do not forget to look at the price range of similar products as a reference, to avoid benchmarks that are too cheap or expensive.

Selling Snack Foods

   Have a hobby of cooking? Snacks such as cookies, pudding, chocolate, or chips are quite easy to make and do not require large capital. You can make it in small quantities for sale at work or office. Today, there are more and more people who love unique snack creations, especially those that are rarely store-bought.
If you want to expand the sales area, you can create blogs, websites, or special social networking accounts to sell those products. The blog can also be used as a promotional media, especially if there is a special cooking skills to be developed.

Writing and Translating Content

  Digital transformation has made a lot of work and business dependent on internet sites. In order to operate, these sites require content in the form of articles, photo descriptions, translation articles, and so on. You can be a content writer or translator as a side job, because the capital is not expensive.
Freelance sites such as Fiverr and Sribulancer can be an option to find short-term projects. The pay is probably not too expensive, but you can do it freely in your spare time, and the results can be allocated for savings or meeting small needs.

Become a Private Tutor

  Tutor services are still quite needed today, especially to help students who will exam. You can be a part-time tutor on-site for tutoring, or offer private course services at a self-determined time. If you can manage time and teach several students at once, the income can be tolerable.
Got any special skills to offer? Try to be a tutor for specific things like foreign languages, photography, painting, cooking, graphic design, and so on. You can target adult students, as well as set a higher rate.
Writing a blog is still one of the potential side job opportunities. However, the number of blogs that more and more make you have to be smart to compete. Choose a specific topic that you know well, then develop the topic into a blog that benefits others. If the blog is growing enough, you can write an e-book with the specific theme, and sell it.
Whichever theme is chosen, make sure it adds value to the reader. Do not forget to do deep research, write well, and not plagiarize the work of others to avoid problems.

  Employee side business is now not something that lowers prestige, so do not hesitate to do it if need. Do not be too proud to apply for financing to launch your side business. Since the creation of Creative, Fast, and Safe products from Pawnshops, the financing for productive needs is now easier, faster and safer. You can apply for loans ranging from 50 thousand rupiah with collateral in the form of gold jewelry, gold bars, diamonds, cars, motorcycles, to electronic goods. You are granted a loan term of 4 months and can be renewed many times.


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