Advantages of Land Property Investment Business House

   What are the advantages / advantages of investment business in the field of property so that many businesses choose this type of investment as land doubling the money? Yes, the property sector is considered to have many advantages to invest compared to the types of stock investments, forex, gold, deposits and others. We certainly already understand, what is a property investment business?
Property investment is an investment activity in the form of a physical building of a house, a building, an apartment or a land for the purpose of obtaining profit from the rent and / or the difference between the value of the property itself within a certain period of time.
profit, property investment compared to stocks, deposits, forex, gold
home investment benefits
  Examples of profitable property investment that for example we now buy a house in a housing area for 1 billion. Can cash or take mortgages and pay monthly installments. As the price increases due to the high demand for shelter, five years later the house we sell for 2M.
  This means that the investment we planted in the property sector managed to reap 2x profit. Not to mention if during the period of 5 years the house was rented by people, for example worth 75 million per year. Then the profits increase to: (75 million x5) + 1milyar = 1.375 billion rupiah
From the example above, we can have a picture of the advantages, advantages and advantages of doing property investment business. For more details, let's discuss what are the plus values ​​that interest investors to raise money in the real estate investment sector

Advantages of Land Property Investment Business House 

Advantages of investment in property 1: The risk of small losses

  One of the advantages for which people invest their money to buy houses, apartments or vacant land is a small risk factor. this is because the movement of ups and downs of property values ​​is not as fast as forex and stock trading. If the index cycles of stock and forex can change every day even hours, then the property value is annual.

Because it is considered including low risk business is, investment is perfect for those of you who do not dare to speculate to run the business with high voltage risk, ahai !! PLN kale ...!

Excess property investment 2: the risk of small fraud making it more secure

Property investment is also safer than fraud. There may be, but the case is very rare. But even if it is safe, as investors we have to be careful. Ensure the validity of the home certificate in the office of the National Land Agency (BPN) before buying. Check whether on behalf of the certificate the person is still alive? Is the status in dispute or not? Is there a double certificate in the same location or not? Such negligence makes a mess
That's why we rarely hear anyone who went bankrupt because of the activity of buying and selling a house or land. Unlike forex players who get rich suddenly or otherwise, fall into poverty in the blink of an eye for being a victim of fraud. Read: Registered investment company OJK

Property investment advantages 3: easy to run

Another advantage of property investment is that the system works very simply. Almost similar to deposits, you do not need to learn too skillfully about business strategies to manage them. Because investors do not require high skill skills such as share players.
The scheme works only 2 steps:
Buy property - rent or leave it and wait a few years - resale

Excess home investment 4: No need to manage every day

Unlike entrepreneurs engaged in manufacturing, trade and services, in the investment of land houses, we do not need to be busy managing them every day. Do not go back to the office from morning to evening. Do not bother taking care of clients, employees, supply of goods, marketing, accounts receivable debts and routines as usual undertaken by entrepreneurs

We just bother a maximum of once a year. That is when about to buy a house, land, shop, apartment, office, building and when looking for parties who want to rent our property. The hardest maybe if we buy it through the mortgage Bank, then when it's time to repay and again no money. There you can sometimes feel sad ...

If you are a bourgeoisie who wants to multiply your property but are lazy about business, property investment is the right solution. Or if it is still considered troublesome, take care of me also okay. I am willing to help spend it, hahaha ... !!


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