Four Sources Of Capital Can Be Used To Start A Business

  The profession of becoming an entrepreneur or entrepreneur in the digital age is now increasingly becoming an option for young children.
The opening of wide internet access in Indonesia opens millions of opportunities for many to open their own businesses.

Four Sources Of Capital Can Be Used To Start A Business

  Instead of being an employee in an office, opening your own business feels more sexy and appropriate characters millenial generation.

However, opening a business is not as easy as turning a palm.

  In addition to having to prepare mentally to face various business challenges, the main thing to think about if you intend to open a business is the readiness of capital.
Capital business is the second PR after you decide the business concept you want to build, including the market segment that worked.

 Once the business concept is clear, you can begin to think about the needs of venture capital. You can start from what you have right now. Business capital is not always in the form of money or fresh funds.

  If you want to start a culinary business, for example, kitchen appliances in the kitchen now can be your main capital.
Cars or homes can also be a business capital that you can use in the early pioneering business.

  Here are some types of capital resources that you can weigh in order to pioneer your business success:

1. Own capital

  The advantage of using your own capital is that you are not tied to any party in developing the business. Business benefits can also be enjoyed alone without having to deposit to other parties.
With your own capital, you are free to develop the business as you wish without having to report progress to a particular party.
 The drawback, own capital is usually limited. In addition, the risks are also your own responsibility entirely. If your business turns out to be a failure, all your risks are liable and can impact on personal finances.

2. Capital of relatives

Having many friends can make it easy for you to get a soft capital loan alias without interest. Take advantage of your network of friends and family.
The advantage of borrowing from relatives is that you can get a capital loan without interest. In addition, loans from relatives also do not mean they are involved in the development of your business.
The drawback, the value of loans from relatives is usually also limited. Unless you have thick-money relatives, it's rare for people to lend money without collateral in large numbers. The trick, you can borrow to more than one friend or family.

3. Joint venture capital

When the capital itself is lacking and getting a soft loan from relatives is also difficult, you can hold a friend to enter into a business memodali.
This makes your relatives or friends shareholders. You should pay attention to the distribution of rights and obligations to avoid potential conflicts.

4. Bank capital

This way can be taken if your business has been in the development phase has been running for at least 1 year. Because the bank just want to finance the business that has been running.
If your business is new, you can consider using credit card or credit without collateral.
Make sure your calculations are detailed so using the business capital of the two bank products does not even bring you in a loss.


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