Here are 4 Old Marketing Tricks Proven Very Powerful

When the old marketing method combined with new technology then it can become a powerful force. Google+, Vine, or Twitter is a powerful new, cost-effective marketing tool. But you do not have to focus on something new. Some of the old marketing methods are still attractive and effective.
To get stronger, try combining these modern technologies with old marketing tricks. Here are some old marketing tips that proved very great, quoted from the site :

Here are 4 Old Marketing Tricks Proven Very Powerful

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-Mouth is still the biggest marketing force. People trust their friends and family more. Give rewards to loyal customers who bring new people into the "family" and encourage your employees to spread the word to their neighborhood.
This can exponentially increase your referrals reach by including referral programs into your email marketing listings and social media efforts.

Personal connection

Creating a personal relationship will make you very memorable. Use contact tracking software to find out client birthdays and reach them with personal notes via social media.Postcard
Send a postcard to a customer as a thank-you for their last order, or tell them your next event that might interest them. Send postcards to customers as a standard step when ordering / purchasing occurs.

"Ground Coffee"

Local networks are still the main road to reach loyal customers. Social media is great for maintaining relationships. But not as good as compared to the power of sitting together with customers at local meetings, chamber meetings, industry conferences or other. Surely that's better than Facebook page updates.
Find a fun hangout. Hold a conference in your area not for your industry, but for industries that need your services. For example, if you sell accounting software, then attend a meeting of local accounting software associations. You may be the only one from the industry in the local small business associations that get together.


The TV is very nice, but the price is certainly very expensive. However, radio has historically been and still has its own value for small and medium business advertising. Do not limit yourself to advertising. Local radio is the most reaching radio community in the area.
Combine radio power with the power of modern communication by getting podcasts about your industry, or creating your own podcasts with suggestions about your skills.


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