Long Profitable Business Loads

 Long Profitable Business Loads

 Want to know, a profitable Business Land of all time? yuuk, cekidot, and find out! there are some lucrative business fields of all time and probably not many people will do this business, because the business field is pretty unique, and quite challenging therefore, the business is not too much in demand by the crowd and maybe some people do not think it is so far! but the demand for the product is very high! even if you notice the business person is very decent standard of living, or arguably rich.

  Perhaps the question will arise from you if it is true that business field is quite profitable why not many people plunge into the business? well, there are many factors and reasons, probably because many Indonesians, who still believe in the myths and messages of parents first! hehee, including me: D and to be honest maybe also I will think many times doing the business! ok, right aja well yah, below are some lucrative business land of all time:

  The first business land is, funeral business! the business is arguably almost all need these products, because surely we will die. in other words a funeral product must have a very high demand, when compared to any product, how not, if we look at the population of our country which amounts to more than 200 million and surely everyone will use the funeral products! in other words the business is arguably a very profitable business and low competition! it's just a big question is, do you dare to do business in the Industry People died :)

  The second business land is Waste Business, the business is a very profitable business! because almost every society or factory will generate tons of waste, and our society too, will certainly produce waste! and not all public waste has no value, such as plastic paper, damaged electronic items and so on. Not many people want to do business because the waste business is identical with the people down, but I also have friends who move in the waste world, and my friend is very, very prosperous! but doing waste business is not easy! especially in treating factory waste, because there will certainly be a lot of illegal levies! but still the waste business field is very profitable!

  The third business land is the Foreign Workers Business, or commonly known as TKI, my own brother happens to be in this business field, this business can be considered very profitable, but the level of difficulty is very high! because this business is basically looking for workers who want to work abroad especially the women workers! and I also tried to try the business in 2013 and then by looking for companies abroad, and it turns out the number of requests very much! but since I have no interest in the industry I am not too far away to experience it! but if you can be honest this business is very tempting, because every time we get women workers who are interested to work abroad some companies PJTKI will provide a fairly large commissions, which amounted to 1 to 5 million rupiah!

  The fourth business land is an online business land, probably already many people who do business online, but not all industries have been worked on by online business people, and mostly only engaged in the field of publisher or content creation / articles and so forth! but given the vastness of online business, both the financial industry, the heavy equipment industry, the labor industry, the service industry, and so on! there are still many industries that have not been worked out by the online business, and 80% of online business people just around the well-known business!

  For now only four business lands have just occurred to me, maybe next time if I find my other business land, will try to update this article, because I'm sure there are still many business areas out there that have not been terahah and its potential is also huge! but given the limitations and other things, only four business fields are in my head: D, thank you for your time to read my article on profitable business land.


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