The Importance of Logic In Running A Business

In running a business of course a lot of challenges that must ditahlukan, because plunging into the business world was not an easy thing.

The Importance of Logic In Running A Business

  In doing business it does require a high level of process, struggle, and patience. But do not be denied that the name of business must also be logic. What kind of logic does that mean? Everything that makes money is called business. Well, when the business that was involved did not make money. It means there is something wrong with this business.

  Then where's the fault? There are two factors, the first product (goods or services) and the business itself. If related to the product, usually marked with the product can not generate profits. If it is familiar with the business would know, what products are sold in the market. And what products do not sell.

  But there are also entrepreneurs or businessmen who dare to make the latest breakthrough, namely creating a product that has never existed in the market. The possibility of such a product can be a huge success in time. There are many examples of pioneer products in this country dominate the market because he was the first pioneer. Initially many who judge the product impossible to sell, but the company proves it, that the product sells in the market.

  It's about the product, it's different with the culprit. A business that can not make money can be a mistake on the businessperson. Probably because of inadequate business or marketing sciences are minimal. Even worse, a super-selling product was if dimarketingkan with businessman this one is still not sold.

  Well, if the business is indeed proficient, marketing science is qualified, proven memarketingkan any item can be sold, but when holding the new product does not sell. Means that the guilty is the product, not the person. Business synonymous with selling for example, when it offers its products as many as 50 people (a competent prospective buyer), and no one product that sells, it means the product is not sold. Finish to conclude.

  If there are still many reasons for this, it is natural, let alone the company and the accomplices. Yes, where received the product is not sold. If you admit it, straight out of business. Who is also willing to cooperate to sell products that do not sell. Just spend time, energy, mind, and money. Business must also be logic, can not only have optical capital only. Optimism is not accompanied by intelligence also does not produce anything.

  Do you know why poor people stay poor, when they work sometimes up to 16 hours a day? And full of spirit and sincerely live it. But there was no change in his life. Examples like this are very much in our country, Indonesia Raya. What causes? For ignoring the logical way of thinking.
The function of the brain in humans to think, weigh, to take a decision. Among them is taking a decision to do business that will sell its products.

  Unfortunatelyambition too high from reason. As a result of missteps, choosing the wrong business can make us can not change the fate. I just continued.

  We agree that business also needs patience, perseverance, persistence, and other wise words that are often to motivate. But yes that was, the product sold can not sell? If not, what should the business continue like that? If you can advise, then leave a business like that! Right now.
In the business world, we also should not be too innocent, too naïve ketipu same rogue players.

  There is indeed a company that markets its products need partners. The products sold are usually hard to do, which is why recruiting as many people as possible with all the lure that eliminates the logic. If we are a little critical, why not marketed alone its products, why should wear a handker again to sell their products. This should be a big question for the critical of his business.
And usually also business like this do not use capital and requirement. Anyone who wants to join is welcome. But once there is a specific training on its members, the training is useful to mentally order its members to be strong in the field, as well as product marketing training and recruit other prospective members.

  Months followed, it turned out to produce nothing, instead of making a profit, even most of the capital out of income. How not to lose, if the products sold alone are not sold.

  Is this business maintained? Need more perseverance and patience? Immediately leave! Start looking for a logic business, and it's generating immediate profits, not taking long. Once offered a product on one, or two people wrapped directly. That's business. A healthy business is a product that sells well. Not vice versa, looking for all the reasons that the product was not sold.


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