The Rich Secret of Chinese People

The Rich Secret of Chinese People

   bismilahirahmanahahim my friends all who blessed God, look at the chinese people around you, the average chinese people around us who are, have a luxurious fashion, a good house, a smooth business, why is that? is there anyone who can answer ... why indigenous indonesians even live below the line of wealth of chinese people, why? anyone can answer again, hard work and diligent trying is the key, can you imitate friends? a profile figure ... Ann Wan Seng, a Chinese businessman and author of best-selling books, was born to a merchant family. Since childhood, he has followed and helped his parents trade. Based on his experience and his observations that the Chinese way of trading is somewhat different from other peoples and nations. They have their own views, ways, concepts, and trade philosophies. The Chinese seldom share their advice and trade secrets with others. These trade secrets and secrets are in fact the main weapons of Chinese success in trade and other economic fields. Through his book, The Secret of the Chinese Business (Hikmah: 2007) Ann tries to explain some of the secrets and trade advice of the Chinese. The book is claimed to be the best-selling business book in Malaysia in 2006, and in Indonesia in 2007. We realize that to be a successful trader, one needs to have a vision and a view that can look far ahead.

    In addition, also required commitment, discipline, patience, strength, and sacrifice is not small. Trade is a field that can be learned and does not become a monopoly of a particular group of people. Those are the universal values ​​that can be applied by anyone who wants to be a pegadang. However, it must be acknowledged that attempts to break the dominance of the Chinese in the economic field are still unsuccessful. This is, said Ann Wan Seng, because the trade relations among the Chinese are so close that they can not be separated. According to Ann, the Chinese are a flexible, volatile nation, and adapt to any circumstances. They will be able to live and find food wherever they are. This is one of the intelligence of the Chinese. The Chinese can trade anywhere including in the least productive areas. This is in line with the phrase that "Chinese people can trade in Malay village, but Malays can not necessarily trade in Chinese areas." We can see that the Chinese are easy to grow anywhere. Just look at the cities in Indonesia, Chinese businessmen are growing rapidly. Why is that? That's because That the Chinese always want a total change, then hijra is a necessity. "The man must emigrate not only physically but also mentally, soul, and come closer to Him. A person's desire to change is the key to Chinese success, "said Ann Wan Seng. However, not without their failure to trade.
Fate of failure is not an excuse to accept defeat in their trade. Every Chinese merchant can take wisdom and learn from his failures. They evaluate any deficiencies, weaknesses, faults, and failures. They continue to learn from all the failures. The first failure can not fade his spirits, instead it will make him more persistent. The second failure made it a lesson. The third failure makes it wiser. Continued failure will test its patience and fortitude. Failed several times for the Chinese does not mean it will fail forever. Ann Wan Seng said, "The Chinese believe and believe they will succeed someday." The Chinese business in failing and facing competition is by continuing to learn and improve its work ethic. They can not help improving their performance. South Korean conglomerate Kim Woo Choong once stated, "If we are as diligent as those in the West, we will not be able to compete with them. If we want to be more successful than others, we have no choice but to work harder and more diligently. "Perhaps it would be weird and" crazy "to see the Indonesians about the things below, that the successful Chinese still keep high work ethic.
 They wake up and start working as early as possible and get to bed by midnight. The number of hours they work exceeds the number of hours worked by others. If regular workers work 8 to 10 hours a day, they work between 16 to 18 hours a day. They are not workaholic, but hardworking. They also do not stop when it has successfully achieved the goal because the journey in trade is still long. "One goal is over, another goal is waiting," said Ann Wan Seng. The Chinese are willing to wake up early and continue to work until the evening.

    They work hard.of totality.   The synonym of hard work is diligent. Perseverance is one of the success factors of Chinese in trading activities. There is no reason for a person not to be successful if they are diligent and diligent, just like the Chinese. There is an interesting question, why are Chinese people synonymous with trading? According to Ann Wan Seng the Chinese and the trade are united and become an inseparable entity. Those who trade are the same as working for yourself. This is better than working with and for others. People who work and earn a salary are considered immature. Since childhood, the Chinese have been implanted in their thinking to be independent of others. They have the ability and potential. To prove it by getting involved in trading activities. Trading can make a person wiser, disciplined, and resilient. The Chinese do not like to get paid. Wage earned groups do not have a high social standing in society. The Chinese are encouraged to trade even if only small-scale. Revenue may be smaller than those who earn a salary, but it will be considered better than working on others. Trading on your own means someone can be your boss and master.

    Working with people, until then will be considered coolies. People who trade are said to be brave and only brave people who have the chance to become rich and successful. A little tip from Ann Wan Seng on the secrets of successful Chinese trading, that traders should not expect profits at the start of their trade. They must be prepared for all possibilities, such as losses and failures in the early stages. For that, they must have strong capital and financial resources that can be used during this critical period. The profit earned should not be spent. Profits should be used to increase working capital and make investments. The profit to be gained depends on how many investments have been made. And one thing that should not be forgotten too, that do not ever rebuke customers because they pay not to get words that are not pleasant to hear. Are we ready to learn how to trade Chinese? Yes Rabb, we often only look at the LIFE that is in us and around us, we rarely can see the advantages you have given to us, that is partly because we do not find a happy, happy part of life in our lives Yes Rabb, give us motivation, we love you and introduce your omnipotence and greatness to us so that we can use your power in every situation and condition, guide us to Allah, for the good of the World and our Fear ,,, hopefully helpful…


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