Three Steps to Start a Property Business for Beginners

Three Steps to Start a Property Business for Beginners

1. Start from Sale and Purchase Land Business

   In fact, when starting a business from zero, you have more profits than other business actors starting from the middle. You will learn how to overcome every failure. And when you succeed beyond that stage, the feeling of satisfaction is no match.
   Experienced property developers recommend that you study the property sector by starting from buying and selling land. You can invite the cooperation of people who own the land as a salesperson with a profit-sharing system. This method is mostly done by beginners.
  Do not worry, though not as big as the housing business project, this intermediary position also promises a sizable profit. It would be nice if you and the landlord write down the cooperation on paper to be clearer and not cause any harm on the part.
  You also need to ask in detail about the land to be sold, such as land area, conditions around, price, way of payment as well as commissions that you will be able to sell if the land later.
  Once bound by cooperation with landowners, then your next step is to find the right buyer. After a successful and successful business of buying and selling land, you can start a residential business.
The trick is similar. You can find houses that will be sold by the owner. You can search by going around the complex around your neighborhood, or searching through the internet. After that, you can help sell it on the basis of the homeowner's consent.
  Compared to being a property agent of a company, the business of buying and selling houses independently is more difficult. But there's no one you try because there are enthusiasts respectively.

2. Become a Property Agent

  Being a property agent is widely referred to as a pathway that makes it easy to pioneer the property business. Because you are already under the auspices of property sales service company. This position makes it easy for you to gain client trust alias buyers and home sellers.
  Understandably, the buyer or seller of the house is usually more confident to agents who are clearly have a reputation in this sector. Especially if the company you are shelter is well known and has a good reputation. The other good news, as a property agent you can not only sell a house or land.
  You also have the opportunity to sell other types of property such as apartments, shophouses, warehouses, and so on. This position also gives the opportunity to learn the property business more deeply because the company you are sheltering has clear rules of authority.
  Thus, you do not have to worry about procedural and regulatory when in the field. In addition, your marketing area is not limited territory. Even if you are an agent in Jakarta area, you can still do property business in Bandung area.

3. Create Website As a Promotion Tool

  To accelerate and simplify your property business, it would be great if the promotion strategy is done vigorously. You can take advantage of technological developments by using online media as a means of promotion. For example, by maximizing your social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blog, and more. Or, you can create a website to expand the network of information about the property business that you live.
  You must understand, nowadays people more often use gadgets to find all the information. Therefore, it will be more strategy if you take promotion through online media. By having your own means of promotion, you can learn and pioneer the property business independently without becoming an agent. That way you can embrace prospective buyers and prospects from various regions.
  When promoting, do not forget to always include clear photos of the property you offer. explain in detail the necessary information. Alternatively, you can create an article-specific channel around the property. For example tips on finding home articles in Transit Oriented Development (TOD) with limited funds.
  With these articles, you can insert invitations to use the services of your property business in finding and selling shelter. You also have to discuss with business people who have been in the property sector for a long time.
 The point is, do not stop learning and do not give up easily. Results will not betray the process! Have a good fight.


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