Unique Marketing Tricks And Attract Many Consumers

unique marketing tips

It is undeniable that promotion is one of the most important factors for success for corporate survival. Promotion is one powerful weapon in developing and sustaining business. A product will not be bought even known if the consumer does not know its usefulness, its superiority, where the product can be obtained and at what price. This is where it takes a neat and unique marketing promotion to attract many consumers to use the goods / services offered by the company.

Unique Marketing Tricks And Attract Many Consumers

Understanding of marketing

In terms of Marketing or known as the word marketing is one part of the sale or demand. Marketing or marketing plays an important role in the continuity of all businesses because marketing has a position as a liaison between the company as a producer with consumers or the community as a user. In addition, marketing is a process of comprehensive and integrated activities within which individuals and groups get what they need and want by making products, setting prices, communicating an information or promoting and channeling through exchange activities to provide satisfaction to consumers and company. Marketing can act as both buyer and seller. For example someone wants to buy a house that is just about to be sold. Each prospective buyer seeks to market themselves to the seller.

Differences marketing with sales

Many people who mean that marketing is the same as sales, whereas the two positions are 2 different sections. A sales person is a seller, which is usually a sales valuation measured from sales volume that has reached the target. For a salesman is how the product is sold without care about customer satisfaction. While a marketing is a marketer or a promoter. Being a marketing must be able to influence the mind and the heart of the consumer by doing the marketing / promotion / branding strategies based on the results of research / analysis on the trend of consumer desire, product (function, feature, price and quality), competitors, location, other. Marketing must also be able to maintain good relationships with consumers to gain consumer loyalty. So from that sense, it is different between marketing and sales.
But regardless of the difference, marketing and sales are valuable corporate assets and both are the spearhead of the company's business. Marketing + sales = achievement of sales targets, so Marketing and sales will need each other very muchThe need for unique marketing
In doing marketing or marketing, not only takes the courage or intention to sell it but also requires skill or expertise to create a unique and interesting marketing so as to attract the hearts of consumers and create a good relationship for consumers in the longer term. Therefore, as a marketer, you must understand the need for unique marketing, not just know marketing alone.
Marketing plays an important role in the business world because it contributes directly in achieving survival and growth. What is important in a business organization is assessing the desires and satisfaction of consumers in the present and potential customers, designing and managing product offerings, determining pricing and pricing policies, developing service strategies and communicating with consumers or potential customers.
In the marketing sense, it is said to offer career opportunities because marketing offers career opportunities in areas such as professional sales, marketing research, advertising, retail purchases, product management, product development and wholesale trade.

A few point ways to create a unique marketing

The secret of selling goods to quickly achieve success is only one of the unique and creative marketing strategies that can tie the hearts of many consumers. The following is the minimum point in creating a unique and creative marketing strategy that you should pay attention to:

Be Creative With Brands and attractive packaging

A marketing strategy such as a product that you normally display in a more attractive brand of course it will attract many people to choose your product. for example you are selling traditional cassava chips that have been familiar to the community, with the concept of perfunctory, nil you can achieve high turnover. But the business of modern chips that try to give a unique brand and have a sense of gradation will certainly provide a certainty of higher turnover of your business. For example, use the more ngetrend term "zone ngehits" to show the level of spiciness. The sweetness level is indicated by "dull zone". So, do not be surprised to hear the phrase "Katela Chips most ngehits" or "Katela Kribo make upset".

Create More Product Image Specialization

Maybe you can follow the example of peanut products that give the image as a friend to watch the ball, supermarket snack as a gathering friend with a friend or modern hijab for Muslim women who want to stay slang. Even energy drinks are now a compulsory requirement after activity or exercising, beating out drinking water or drinking sweet tea. By providing a more specialized image on your product as a marketing strategy will certainly make you easier in attracting many consumers.

Promotion in Online Media

It can be said today that people prefer social media to be virtual rather than socializing in a real world. Many people end up using social media as a stall for selling. And hasilnyapun also do not lose much from the shops on the roadside. By doing marketing in social media such as facebook, twitter, blog and others of course cheaper even free, but can be exposed widely to many consumers.


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