4 Advantages of Working in Coworking Space for Startup Activists

Advantages of Working in Coworking Space
What are the benefits of working in coworking space?

4 Advantages of Working in Coworking Space for Startup Activists

Along with the development of startup industry, virtual office services and coworking space are also becoming a trend among entrepreneurs and startup activists in the country. In fact, in the capital, there are dozens or even hundreds of working space in Jakarta which became a shelter for solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, to startup-startup is just beginning to develop.
Then, what exactly makes startup enthusiasts prefer to work in coworking space? The reason, of course because coworking space offers many benefits that will not be obtained by working in a conventional office.
Well, what are the benefits of working in coworking space? Here are among them.

1. More Affordable Rental Rates

More affordable rental rates represent the main benefits and benefits that you will get by working in coworking space. The concept of common work space is generally using the principle of economy sharing. That way, the pegged price of course will also be much cheaper than conventional office rental rates.
One Coworking space in Jakarta even has a package worth Rp50.000 per day. In addition, coworking space also provides services where the tenant can use a comfortable work space. With various facilities provided in it with a cost ranging from Rp1 million to Rp1.2 million per month.
Choosing coworking space as a place of work is very appropriate for the startup activists. With the low cost of office rent, you can certainly save more expenses and allocate funds for other more important purposes.

2.Menambah New Relation

The next advantage of working in coworking space is that it can add new relationships. Because this workplace brings the concept of work space that can be used together, you can more easily interact, collaborate, build relationships, and even exchange ideas with other startup activists.
Not only that, sharing shows are generally held coworking space every few months will certainly also allow you to meet with business experts, people who have suskes in the world startup, to the investors.

3.Feasible Working Delivery

Unlike conventional offices are generally synonymous with formal and rigid atmosphere, coworking space instead offers a comfortable working atmosphere, cozy, and have a homey impression.
In fact, in some Jakarta working space such as Comma (Collaboration Matters) and EV Hive, you can also spend time by playing play station, ping pong, or billiards when all over with work. With such a pleasant working atmosphere, you can definitely work with a quieter, more relaxed mind.

4. More Productive

In ordinary offices, everyone will focus on working in their own cubicle without interruption from other colleagues. This seems to be very productive. However, is that right?
In fact, the arrangement of work spaces that are made like this often makes the workers bored more quickly and stressed out. In contrast to this, coworking space will make everyone work more productively because each other can help each other without any limitations.
If you need help or are not familiar with an affair, you can immediately ask your colleagues in a more understanding room. Discussion, advice, or learning together is also an activity that is very easy to do and almost every day occurs in coworking space.
Well, that's some of the advantages of working in coworking space for startup activists. How? Still thinking that coworking space is no more profitable than the workplace in general?


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