Here's 5 Great Ways to Start an Online Business for Beginners

From year to year, online sales continue to increase and grow rapidly. Anything can now be marketed online, either through marketplace platforms or offered through privately owned social media.
Goods or services offered were very diverse with price competition that is quite strict. No wonder many UMKM actors prefer to introduce their products through social media because the costs incurred tend to be more tilted with a wider reach.

Here's 5 Great Ways to Start an Online Business for Beginners

Anyone can do and grow their business through online business. In addition to more practical, can also be done from anywhere and anytime without time and place limits.
Online business is also very profitable, good for just a side business and indeed ditekuni seriously. Provided that well managed and focused on the goal, not difficult to reap the benefits.
Still confused how to start an online business that can bring profit? Follow the following tips as quoted from

1. Focus on One Category

Before starting to do business online shopping, the first thing you have to do is determine what products are suitable for sale. To determine it, do a little research about what products are popular and liked by many people.
Then, choose one type of product you want to develop, for example a women's clothing product with potential buyers between the ages of 17-35 years.
Dig the potential of the target market to its full potential. What are the needs of those who are still related to fashion. Then, enter all the products into your online store catalog.
Try to focus with one category for maximum sales and no confusion, so buyers can easily find what they are looking for and need.

2. Choose Supplier with Careful

When you have got the right product to be developed as merchandise, it's time you start choosing and looking for supplier. There are two choices in online shopping business to get supplier, that is by system reseller or dropshipper.
If you choose a reseller system, you usually have to prepare capital first to provide merchandise. The bigger your online store with the many product items, the more capital will be needed. However, you can sell directly to customers at prices that can be tinkered themselves.
Unlike resellers, this dropshipping system almost does not require capital, but only need internet data packets that are always online. Why? Because all the products you display will be prepared and supported by the supplier to the hands of consumers.
So you only act as a salesperson and when there are interested customers, the supplier will send the product to the customer on your behalf. Of course with the terms previously agreed upon.

3. Provide Clear Contact Information

The next tips that are also not less important when you want to do business online is to provide a clear contact number. Why is it important? This is the way to connect customers with you when they are interested in what you offer.
For that, set a clear contact number and the customer can connect directly with you. Whether with online chat, instant messenger, social media, or other special applications.
When the contact number is listed, give the maximal response to the prospect. Do not let them escape just because you are late to respond. Of course this can harm the business you are building.
Do not forget also to insert how the delivery and payment so that prospective customers more trust and facilitate in poses transaction.

4. Start Promotion

There are many ways to introduce your online store, from social media to online shopping special platform. For example, Facebook, Instagram, or other marketplace.
Branding your online store with the maximum to create trust from potential customers. Good product / service brand recognition with targeted promotions will make potential customers curious, and finally start finding out, then interested in buying what you offer. (Read Also: Mau Nabung in Bank Syariah? Understand Mudharabah Agreement and Wadiah Agreement)

5. Innovate

   As your online business starts to grow as more orders from customers, consider starting innovating and doing more innovative development. Try building a website using official domains and a professional look to build prospect trust. Do not forget also to instill important features to more easily diakes anyone. Example is to provide online payment facilities with a variety of debit or credit card. Because everyone who dropped by has potential as a prospective customer who will bring benefits and has a tendency to pay for different transactions.


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