Inspirational Story of Max Gunawan, a Successful Jakarta Businessman in America

Jakarta His face is handsome and clean. His name is Max Gunawan, an Indonesian resident from Jakarta who has long lived in the United States since 16 years ago. Small thinking that limits the mind to a career and success in the country people have been successfully broken Max. With Lumio, a reading lamp that can be carried everywhere, Max's big name in the international world.

inspirational story of Max Gunawan, a Successful Jakarta Businessman in America

Lumio's creation is unique. Not only the design is simple but very useful for the community, but also very interesting shape. Lumio at a glance just a square-shaped item. But once you open it, it turns out the lamp shaped a bright book. Lumio managed to attract a lot of investor attention. Max first got his first capital from a capital search site, Kick Starter.

The idea that successfully answered the needs of many people was also attracted five investors in the reality show Shark Tank on ABC TV. At this event, Max offers Lumio to the five investors to get more capital injection.

Although Max and Lumio now have been successful and almost all over the world, the man who was an architect in San Francisco, United States, has had a difficult journey before. She was raised by parents and educated to be an office worker. But, he was unhappy and finally decided to become a businessman.

This big decision he did not waste. Often he thinks, "What if I fail?" But he at that time had no other choice. Max is unhappy with his work. He must create something useful. Max kept thinking, what he could create. Something simple, but useful. Then Lumio was born.

This success did not satisfy him and stopped here. Max then launched a mini version of Lumio which can be a mobile phone charger. Not only that, Max is now developing a multifunctional furniture design suitable for use in a narrow room.

Max is not the only successful Indonesian in the country. But passion and hard work and persistence have brought this young Indonesian man to scent the country. Max told a local online media outlet: "Success is not a static concept, success is temporary, just because you are successful, you can not miss a mission for the future."


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