Develop Strategies to Overcome Disruption

  The digitalization trend in the future is increasingly unstoppable until it makes a number of companies provide more investment for technological developments, one of which is by increasing the company's digital infrastructure. Some of the most important supporting steps in dealing with a disruption or disruption are to accept it.

Develop Strategies to Overcome Disruption

  The world has entered a new era, namely disruption caused by a major influence of technology. Because of that, the innovations needed not only change the shape, size, or design, but overall, both methods, methods of work, and products that are no longer relevant in millennial times.
Entrepreneurs understand that disruption or what is often called disruption is not an exception, but a global regulation at this time. So, how can companies plan their future? Especially, how do companies design a digital strategy that is dynamic enough to overcome this disorder in the future to ensure sustainable growth?

  Distruption can be seen as something positive because it is a dynamic innovation. This is good news for consumers because power is in their hands and this has happened in the last five years. Because power moves into the hands of customers, a number of challenges will emerge, in including customers can communicate and interact through a number of different channels, customizing products and services applying customer feedback in product design, addressing customers and comparing prices globally, providing digital add-on services dealing with direct influence on market opinion from around the world , wherever and whenever.

  Maybe you are very familiar with the phrase sustaining innovation. All bisis players must agree that the key to surviving and succeeding in the business world is being able to carry out sustaining innovation. However, there are also many companies that have sustained innovation, but still experience a fall.

  Worse, this condition is not experienced by a large number of well-established companies and is supported by continuous innovation. Moreover, if there is a new platform that becomes a competitor, it is not strange if many companies (incumbents) fall together.
Moreover, if there is a trend break, the trend ends and those who fail to respond will experience a decline in mass sales. Little is given, how do tourists visit Indonesia every year. Certainly it increases rapidly but you don't expect the hotel room occupancy rate to decrease. Believe it or not , in fact the richest company in the world still sells its services at a price of zero rupiah.

  Of course there are many surprises and unexpected things that happen to people and companies. Moreover, those of us who are still in the light of day. Whether we realize it or not, today they are facing new opponents and innovators who are not lost in plain view, while innovations new ones created inside even though it is very possible to kill those who are concerned that the new product can buy old products that are already addicted.

  The death of a brand, instead of wishing, follows a phenomenon that is still fresh in our memories. How Nokia in the 90s was so excellent in mastering the device market in the whole world. Once Blackberry was present, the power of Nokia had collapsed which had felt its golden years. Blackberry counted the shortest. Android and IOS-based devices like Samsung and Apple won competition in this product.

  Then, rapid competition took place, various device companies sprang up with innovations that previously seemed impossible. The question is whether Nokia and Blackberry did not innovate? Of course the answer is as a big industry, Nokia and Blackberry will never ignore innovating their products.

  Then why Nokia and blackberry can fall in competition? The era when every company is not enough just to innovate by changing the shape, size, and design. So the death of a brand is actually a failure to read the future, fail to anticipate and respond to changes. Ignoring the threat of disruption and assuming we are limited from it is naivety that cannot be justified.

  Just because we still have a positive surplus is no guarantee that we will remain safe. But that's how it is. Not everyone wants to change, some are even trapped in the 'past', the golden times that no longer exist, unless they change. All people think that the golden age will continue and if it is lost, it will still be the right way. So , instead of letting the company die, even though sometimes constant change triggers frustration.

   Some of them actually respond innovatively and do self-disruption. Even so, there are still many who, without realizing, have taken the path of suicide, are trapped by their past, such as the stories of Nokia and Blackberry legends. We finally found the answer. This happens because we live in a new era, era of disruption. This era requires every company to do more than sustaining innovation.
This era requires us to do what is called disruptive innovation. Then it takes executives who are able to do self disruption. So, actually we have and navigate three time zones; the past, the present, and the future. Unfortunately, many companies are satisfied with sustaining innovation. They close their eyes or even don't know anything about the changes that are happening and threaten their business.
Keep in mind, in this disruption era the opponents faced are no longer from the same industry, but very possible from outside the industry that is completely different. Their analysis concludes that companies that will disrupt their business do not come from construction expertise, but from a tool that we initially used to move writing from a computer to paper.

  Yes, the disruptor is a printer, through technology called 3D printing. That's the characteristic of era disruption. Threats come from non-plastic opponents who were originally never considered rivals. That is the use of management and leadership. We talk tomorrow and create tomorrow so that the company is not controlled by fate, competitors and circumstances.

  Tomorrow's days have not yet become a reality in the sense of profit. Some are analogous to burning money while smiling with satisfaction. It can be better or vice versa. Meanwhile, most executives who are comfortable are actually happy to bring the past to today. Yesterday is Today. They only bring everything that is done in the past continuously from time to time to this day. Besides being trapped with the past, there are now also many companies that are confused about the disruption that occurs in the business environment.

  Of course, business is now increasingly related. What happens in the environment there will be an impact here. However, those who fight the future with the present or the past will obviously lose. Technology will continue to develop. Therefore, let the business strategy change. Marketing in the disruption era has been totally different. Well, rather than finally losing too, you should reconcile with changes that present the future and present, or accept disruption. Face it. Adapt . Only in that way, will your business survive far ahead.


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